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PedspalCook Children's
Health Services

In January 2012, Cook Children's Health Care System created Cook Children's Health Services Inc., a for profit company designed to help doctors deliver quality health care at affordable prices. Under the umbrella of Cook Children's Health Services Inc., is PedsPal, a national group purchasing organization for physicians.

PedsPal offers opportunities for physicians to save money and become more efficient so they can provide a higher standard of care to their patients. PedsPal also serves as a national voice on issues like improving access to vaccines for children, providing discounts on vaccine purchases and maximizing vaccine reimbursement. Furthermore, PedsPal offers expertise in the safe storage and administration of vaccines.

PedsPal is also working to link electronic medical records so that its members can access Cook Children's pediatric specialists – making our world-class care available to more children, wherever they may live.

By combining the purchasing power of more than 2,500 physician members from across the country, PedsPal helps physicians save money on items they use in their practice, such as vaccines and medical supplies. Additionally, PedsPal connects its members to practice support services available through Cook Children's, which empowers the physicians to provide better care for their patients with stronger financial results for their practices.

Click here to find more information on PedsPal.

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