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Contact public relations

The Public Relations team at Cook Children's is dedicated to assisting the media, while keeping our patients, parents and staff as our top priority. The team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Public Relations team is to be contacted for news only. Please no solicitation. For patient information, interview requests or any other questions, please call or email the Public Relations staff:

For news media requests:
Winifred King
Asst. Vice President
Corporate & Community Affairs
682-885-4107 work
817-897-7265 cell

Missy Staben
PR Manager
682-885-2378 work
817-201-6424 cell

Kim Griffith

Media relations specialist
682-885-1080 work
817-266-3728 cell

For logo requests:
Deirdre Jack
Director, Marketing
682-885-4243 work

For advertising requests:
Kathy McLean
Director, Creative Services
682-885-6602 work

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