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Because childhood should be simple ...

Welcome to Checkpoint

Getting healthy can be fun with Checkpoint! In six weeks, you can become a better YOU. Starting with smart habits now helps you grow into a healthy adult.

Texas Ranger's pitcher C.J. Wilson stays active and makes smart food choices. You can too. With Checkpoint we'll help teach you how to fuel your body for a bright future.

   Getting       Started   

Move it! Get off the couch and get moving with fun ideas from Checkpoint and J.J. Henry.

Give your body the fuel it needs.

Flip the switch when it comes to too much TV or computers.

Click the images below and listen to PGA Tour Player J.J. Henry share some of his tips.

You Have The Power!

Checkpoint can work for YOU, as a solo player. Find materials here for inspiration to become a better you.

Working as a Team

Ask your friends and schoolmates to jump on board. Grab a team leader, divide into groups and together you'll start down the path to success through Checkpoint.

Step-by-step health eduction for our children

Welcome to Checkpoint

Welcome to Checkpoint

Checkpoint is a six-week program that will help you learn about healthy eating and things you can do to be more active.

Getting Started

Week 1 - Getting Started

We kick off the program by introducing the topics: activity, nutrition, watching your screen time and tracking your points.

Get Moving!

Week 2 - Get Moving!

Talk about the importance of kids increasing their activity and working toward at least 60 minutes of movement a day.

Eat Healthy

Week 3 - Eat Healthy

Shows kids an easy way to get the right amount of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates at each meal.

Get Active

Week 4 - Staying Active

Encourage kids to limit their screen time to a maximum of two hours a day and offer fun ideas for being active indoors.

Healthy Choices

Week 5 - Healthy Choices

Making good food choices. We'll give kids some ideas for a healthy breakfast or fast food meal.

Feel Good

Week 6 - Staying Positive

Be happy with who you are. We want you to be a healthy, happy kid.

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