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My child has

Because childhood should be simple ...


Our chapel is a place of safety for all who enter, providing a quiet sanctuary where one may pray, meditate, or simply enjoy the silence. 


The Erma Lowe Chapel at Cook Children's is designed to provide a place for prayer, meditation and peace for all people. There are Catholic and Protestant Bibles in English and Spanish, Jewish Prayer Books and the Muslim Qur'an, and prayer rugs are available. The chapel also provides an inviting space for quiet meditation

Cook Children's is the only hospital in the Fort Worth Catholic diocese to have a tabernacle for the host to reserve sacrament for Holy Communion.

History of our Chapel

The chapel at Cook Children's opened on Mother's Day in 1989. It is located on the second floor of the main tower. The chapel and all its furnishings are gifts from a community that loves children. The smallest donation was thirty-seven cents from a young child. The two largest gifts were from the Cook Children's Woman's Board and the Walsh Foundation. The prayers of many infuse this room and contribute to the comfort people sense here.

The beautiful Noah's Ark stained glass by Gordon Smith was completed in the fall of 2002. This glass was Mr. Smith's final project and is in many ways his finest work. The glass is museum-quality, involving much research and detail; some pieces were etched and fired as many as four times, in the classic European tradition.

We chose a Noah's Ark theme because a flood story is common to most major world cultures. We pray that Cook Children's is an ark of safety for families caught in the storm of a child's illness or injury. In our glass, you will notice the movement of the sky, from blustery clouds to a clear day. We want to care for families while they need us, journeying together as they move confidently into a hopeful future.

The needle-pointed kneelers were designed by liturgical artist, Sheila Oscher, in 2002. Diann Stadler was our professional color consultant for threads. Jimmie Ruth Griffith headed our team of stitchers from many congregations, civic clubs, and friendship circles. The work on the 21 kneelers, 4 clergy benches, 2 piano benches, 2 clergy stoles, and a triptych wall-hanging was completed in less than one year. Three of our stitchers were later selected to needlepoint the kneeler for the high altar at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

There is also a beautiful angel painting on the window wall titled, "The Journey," and is a gift from local artist Jessica Ray.

Here for you

We invite you to spend time in our chapel, gazing at the stained glass and wondering about the story behind each kneeler—for each piece is a story of love, both human and divine. When someone comes here feeling sad and lonely, we say, "Start reading the names all over this chapel. All are real men, women, boys and girls who care about you and are praying that your needs are met and your blessings are many." This is a house of prayer for all people—for you.

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The chapel is located on the second floor of the main building across from elevator B. The chapel is always open. For service times or to speak with a chaplain, please call 682-885-4030. You can also learn more about our chaplains and pastoral care services here.

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