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Art displays

Frankenstein art made with medical suppliesThe art produced by patients here at Cook Children's is truly something to see. From sculptures, to paintings, to multimedia works of art, we love to share the creations of our budding artists.

The art exhibit currently on view in the display cabinets near the Decker Boardroom feature colorful art work created using Cook Children's specially designed activity book. Written by members of the Child Life department at Cook Children’s Medical Center, Making Magic with Medical Supplies Child Life Medical Art Activities presents a variety of medical art projects that help children heal by expressing their feelings through creativity.

What is medical art?

Medical art is a specific form of creative play that can be very beneficial for children facing health care experiences. Using medical supplies as the art medium can make the items seem less scary. This type of play allows a child to exert control over the equipment and over his or her environment. Children can safely explore their feelings and emotions regarding their personal experience with health care. Medical art is a pure, creative form of healing and expression.

Art made from medical supplies 

Making magic

Making Magic With Medical Supplies book coverAt Cook Children’s, the Child Life staff takes pride in providing creative medical art experiences to children and families. When our Child Life activity coordinators began to notice that it was difficult to find published resources related to medical art activities, they decided to create one.

Making Magic with Medical Supplies Child Life Medical Art Activities is a colorful, inspiring how-to book designed share their ideas with others.

The goal of this book is to inspire and empower adults to guide children through medical art experiences.

Copies of Making Magic with Medical Supplies can be purchased for $35 through Cook Children’s Child Life department. For more information or to purchase a copy of this unique activity book please call 682-885-4048, or visit us here.


For more information about the CARPE programs, please contact us at 682-885-6643 or the Child Life department at 682-885-4048.

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