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My child has

Because childhood should be simple ...


Art takes the mind anywhere it can imagine. It transcends time and space. It expresses what can't be said, and says what can't be expressed. Here at Cook Children's, our patients - and families too - discover freedom, and the joy that comes with it, through our many art programs and therapies.

Creative arts

The use of different types of creative arts encourages participants to explore their feelings and express them through artistic expression. Creative arts are offered to our young patients and their families through our Creative Artist in Residence Programme.

girl doing art with Diana Art therapy fearless girl sculpting a horse

We also work with families in "legacy building." Legacy building is designed for families who will lose or have lost a child. We work with parents, siblings and, when possible, the patient to create a lasting memory and piece of art to commemorate their child/family. The results are unique and personal art projects enable the family to have a special remembrance of their child.

Goals of creative arts therapy

Artistic sessions may include:

Referrals of patients and siblings are received through our Child Life department as well as other medical staff.

Fine art

Fine art provides a tool for communication and self-expression that encourages mental health and well-being. But it is more than that. It is also a simple way for patients and families to cope with a very complicated situation. We offer a variety of art methods to patients to encourage creativity and enhance communication during their health care experience including:

art therapy young artist Art therapy girl painting rainbow

The use of art in the hospital setting is based on the belief that the creative process and artistic expression can help to:


For more information about the CARPE program, please contact us at 682-885-6643 or call the Child Life department at 682-885-4048.

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