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Because childhood should be simple ...

TCU Family Camp

Physical challenges don't have to put limits on fun. That's especially true at TCU Family Camp. Imagine 170 acres of nature, adventures and unlimited family memories.

TCU Family Camp is a weekend camp for families of patients, ages 5- 12, that have spent time on the Transitional/Rehabilitative Care Unit (TCU/RCU) at Cook Children's. The weekend retreat, held at Camp John Marc in early April, let's families get away to the great outdoors, and get together for a memorable time.

TCU Family Camp objectives

TCU Family Camp provides the opportunity for the entire family to spend quality time in a fun and safe setting. Families will also enjoy a supportive, understanding environment and the ability to share time with other families who have been through similar experiences.

Camp staffing

TCU Family Camp is led by professional staff of Cook Children's.

Medical care

Medical staff is available and care is provided in the on-site medical building.

Camper selection

Camper selection is made through application on a first-come, first-served basis. Camp is open to families with children, 5-12 years old, with an established neurological disease, injury or disorder. Family members are welcome to participate in activities appropriate for all ages and levels of assistance.

What do we do at camp?

Every moment of this weekend camp is filled with excitement, adventure, and self discovery. Adaptive activities are designed so that patients and family members can join in the fun:

TCU Family Camp info and application – contact Lindsay Wilson at 682.885.2461 or email

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