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Promoting safe school-based athletic healthcare services
Stephanie Jevas-Roegels, PhD, LAT, ATC

When an athlete is experiencing pain that does not go away: Is it growing pains or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)?
Artee Gandhi MD

When Too Much Of A Good Thing Turns To Hyponatremia And How To Handle Medical Emergencies Resulting From The Texas Heat
Daniel D Guzman MD

Upper Extremity Injuries
Ranie Whatley, RN,FNP-C

How to prevent injuries: preparing the body (warm-up, nutrition, sleep and stress management)
Amanda Stukey, PT, DPT, SCS

A comprehensive clinical review of how to stabilize orthopedic injuries in our young athletes and the latest information on the different types of cast management
Torrie D. Edwards, FNP-C, CPN

Lower Extremity InjuriesJason Kennedy, MD

Overview of School Nurse Resources to Assist With Sports & Orthopedic Injuries
Ranie Whatley, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CEN

Medical review/case study: Multi-directional instability of the adolescent shoulder
Jason Kennedy, MD

How to prevent and rehabilitate an injury from multi-directional instability of the adolescent shoulder
Kyle Tatum PT, DPT, OCS

Medical review/case study: Immature ACL injuries and reconstruction
Jason Kennedy, MD

How to minimize the risk of an immature ACL tear and an evidence based approach to rehab both the non-surgical and surgical repair
Melissa Bro, PT, DPT, SCS

Specific treatment for the lower back - The Straw that Broke the Child’s Back
E. John Stanley PT,SCS

Specific treatment for the sacroiliac joint
Jenny Arey, PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT

Dynamic Stretching for Warm-up

Exercise and Sports Nutrition

Sleep Hygiene

How to Triage Orthopaedic Care
David W. Gray, MD

2016 presentations

What are the Medical Concerns for the Adolescent Female Athlete?
Krystle Farmer, M.D.

Abdominal Injuries in Sports that Send Your Athlete to the Emergency Room
Chad Hamner, M.D.

Juvenile Osteochondroses
Nathalie Gaulier, MD

Are girls different than boys with recovery and prevention of sport injuries?
Amanda Vick PT, DPT

Why is the endocrine system important for our growing girls?
Susan Hsieh, M.D.

She is physically strong, but is she mentally ready?

What are the most common fractures and musculoskeletal injuries in adolescents who play sports?
Jason Kennedy, M.D.

How have injury patterns changed in the last ten years for adolescents playing in sports? What is the new information on concussions?
Ricardo Guirola, M.D.