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Are home remedies safe?
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Your mother or grandmother may have passed down an old family secret that's sure to cure a headache, pimple or even a common cold. But be careful. Some herbal remedies and old family cures might seem healthy, but they could be dangerous – and sometimes even deadly – to your children. Learn more.

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Tips on choosing your pediatrician Lice lessons Keep medication away from little hands Omega-3s for kids: Go fish?

Tips on choosing a pediatrician

In her podcast, Diane Arnaout, M.D., explains the importance of finding a pediatrician. Dr. Arnaout gives advice on how to pick the right doctor for you.

Lice lessons

Of all the four letter words every parent dreads hearing, the most horrifying of them all… L I C E! "When I drop the 'L bomb' parents literally shrink in horror from their kids."

Keeping medications
away from
little hands

Kids can confuse medicine for candy. Find out prevention tips for your family in this must-read blog.

Omega-3s for kids: Go fish?

Are omega-3s a cure-all or no help at all? What is the truth? There's something fishy in this blog from a nutritionist at Cook Children's.

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Like your doctor on Facebook and get an extra dose of pediatric wisdom!
Like your doctor on Facebook and get an extra dose of pediatric wisdom!

Like your doctor and get an extra dose of pediatric wisdom!

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