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When kids come out
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Even the most open-minded parents may struggle for the right words after learning their child is gay. A Cook Children's psychologist stresses it's not what's said that matters. It's the actions that count. Learn more.

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Sniffing out seasonal allergies Diet Mythbusting Screen savers Preventing the three-leaf itch

Sniffing out allergies

Unfortunately, for many children, allergies are simply a way of life in Texas. Usually, allergies occur in kids beginning at age 2 and older. Arlington pediatrician Vuong Dao, M.D., offers advice on helping your kid when an allergic reaction occurs.

Diet mythbusting

Are grains a good choice for your family? When browsing the Internet, you may discover some controversial information regarding eating grain products. How do you know what information to believe and what to feed your family? Get the facts on grains.


Every year, newborn screening efforts test nearly every baby born in the U.S. for serious health conditions. Early detection of these conditions allows prompt medical treatment and potentially prevents disability, suffering and death.

Preventing the three-leaf itch

As children go outdoors to enjoy the warm weather of spring, you could end up taking your young adventurers to the pediatrician for allergic reactions to poison ivy and/or poison oak.

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