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The fight for her life, melanoma skin cancer
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From the time she was 15 years old, Brandi Dickey went to a tanning bed. Today, she calls it her biggest mistake. By 28, she began her journey and fight against melanoma. Learn more.

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Seven bright sun protection tips Vegetables, Fruits, and Phytochemicals: A Color Story Communicating with your kid? Yeah, write. Have shots, will travel

Seven bright sun protection tips

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of your lifetime sun exposure occurs before you are 18 years old? Anna Nezafati, M.D., calls the stat heartbreaking because it can so often be preventable.

Vegetables, Fruits, and Phytochemicals: A Color Story

Can a vitamin really take the place of vegetables and fruits? And what exactly is a phytochemical? Find out in the latest blog from Kathleen Davis, a Cook Children's nutritionist.

Communicating with your kid? Yeah, write.

Communication with your children can be very difficult on parents at time. Especially as your kids get older, it's harder to get them to listen. That's why Audrey Rogers, M.D., recommends putting things in writing.

Have shots,
will travel

Have a big European vacation planned? Donald Murphey, M.D., warns everyone traveling abroad to make sure they're updated on their immunizations. This holds true for pregnant women, infants, kids, teens and adults.

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Living with asthma and Celebrating Independence Day safely

Living with asthma

In our region, children with ages 11-14, exceed both the state and national rates. In our latest podcast, Karen Schultz , M.D., explains ways to help your child live with asthma. Learn more.

Celebrate your Independence Day, safely

Independence Day usually brings thoughts of parades, back yard barbecues and, of course, fireworks. Unfortunately, those fireworks often mean injuries. Read our safety tips.



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