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Safety in a Mobile World
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The current edition of Checkup magazine is a special one, focusing on safety in a mobile world. Articles include the 411 on sexting, respecting your child's privacy, earning a phone, friending your child's friends, a family affair and when your child can date. This edition of the magazine was inspired by the blog, Sext education, by Sophia Grant, M.D.

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Phone safety 101 Warning signs a mom may hurt her child Time for back to school immunizations Children crossing

Phone safety 101

"Parents need to teach children that inappropriate cell phone behaviors can have real-world consequences," says Jody Hawkins, information security officer at Cook Children's. Find out what you can do to protect your child and how you can make sure they are following your rules.

Who does the homework at home

It's our instinct as parents to help our children. Working with them on homework can hurt their sense of accomplishment if mom or dad planned the project, organized it and "created" it, but the child got an A.

Time for back to school immunizations

As the school year begins, make sure your child is protected with immunizations, regardless of his or her age. Jason Terk, M.D., gives you the latest on vaccines from kindergarten to seventh grade.

Children crossing

For many children, walking or biking is a convenient and healthy way to get to school. However, it can be potentially unsafe and even deadly when not done correctly. Don't let your child ride his or her bike to school before reading this first.

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Let’s Get Physicals Let’s Get Physicals Let’s Get Physicals Whooping cough makes a comeback

Is your child ready for college?

Lisa Elliott may be a trained psychologist, but she's also a mom who has sent her son off to college. Elliott offers helpful hints on preparing your child for college.

Are you ready for your child to go to college?

Your child is ready to go off to college, but are you ready to let them go? Lisa Elliott, a licensed psychologist at Cook Children's, helps parents manage as they say goodbye to their child.

Let's get physicals

Students from the seventh grade through their senior year who are participating in sports are required by the UIL to have a pre-participation physical and a Sudden Cardiac Arrest form. Cook Children's can help to make sure your child is healthy and ready to compete.

Whooping cough makes a comeback

Whooping cough, which is also known as pertussis, has been on the rise all over the country, and been a problem in Tarrant County for several years. There are various theories as to why it is coming back. Whatever the cause, what we do know is that it is here and causing problems.

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We are looking for our next Checkup cover kid!

We are looking for our next Checkup cover kid!

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