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Pediatrician and child
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Diabetes Services

Diabetes ServicesCook Children's physicians and staff are experienced in treating all diabetes-related issues in children from birth through their transitioning into adulthood.

With diabetes, education is a key component of treatment and disease management, so we offer certified diabetic nurse educators and dieticians to assist children and their families. Cook Children's diabetic program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education*.


Welcome to the Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic


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Thornton, Paul M.D. Thornton, Paul M.D.
Medical Director, Cook Children's Endocrine and Diabetes Program
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Willcutts, Michael M.D., Ph.D Willcutts, Michael M.D., Ph.D
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Steelman, Joel M.D. Steelman, Joel M.D.
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Radack, Jill M.D. Radack, Jill M.D.
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Teena Thomas, M.D. Teena Thomas M.D.
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Pediatric nurse practitioners

Bair, Cindy CPNP
Lindenfeld, Maura Lindenfeld CPNP
Newman, Teresa CPNP
Wakeland, Phyllis CPNP

Care and treatment

Inpatient care for children with diabetes: Children or adolescents who are newly diagnosed with diabetes are admitted to Cook Children's Medical Center to receive a comprehensive medical evaluation. The medical team will work closely with the family and the patient to teach them the skills necessary to manage the disease in their daily life. After leaving the hospital, routine follow-up care will continue in an outpatient specialty clinic. A typical admission is 48 hours (two days) with outpatient follow-up visits scheduled at two weeks, six weeks and three months following the admission. Certified diabetic nurse educators and board certified physicians are available 24 hours a day to support your child's needs.

Outpatient care for children with diabetes: Children or adolescents who require ongoing physician care are seen every three months in an outpatient specialty clinic. Each visit offers a thorough evaluation by the patient's physician or nurse practitioner, the certified diabetic educator and the nutritionist as required. After the child leaves the clinic, a nurse may provide routine follow-up regarding lab results or treatment plan adjustments. Certified diabetic nurse educators and board-certified physicians are available 24 hours a day to support your child's needs.

Care for children with diabetes may be provided inpatient at Cook Children's Medical Center or outpatient in a Cook Children's specialty clinic.

Patient events and support group programs

Camp Aurora
Each year in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association, Cook Children's hosts Camp Aurora for kids with diabetes. Our diabetic patients can spend a week with other diabetics just like them, learning more about the disease and while having fun.

Diabetic Teen Group
The Diabetic Teen Group is open to all of our teens with diabetes. This group meets monthly for discussions and participates in activities.

Please contact our office at 682-885-7960 for additional information, as well as other activities and resources for our diabetic patients and families.

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