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Preemie care and multiple birthsCook Children's

Preemies and multiple births

Studies show that premature infants who are cared for in a single room setting have better long-term outcomes.

The single room setting in Cook Children's NICU means the environment, including lighting and sound, can be individually controlled. It also enables parents to have better access and more involvement in their preemie's care. This is especially crucial with multiple birth preemies.


Because our rooms can accommodate twins, triplets, and even quadruplets, parents can have all their babies in one room. Preemies, critically ill and medically fragile babies are shown to grow better, get more oxygen and go home quicker in this setting.


Did you know?

Taking your preemie home

Getting to finally take your precious baby home is a joyous day. It can also be a little scary. Preemies are tiny, and may require special care. Your Cook Children's care team will help prepare you so you'll feel more confident. We offer education to help new parents prepare for the homecoming and the needs of your baby. We also offer resources and information to help you prepare for going home and long after you get there.

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