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My child has

Cook Children's Neurosciences.
Neurosciences - We do it all for kids.

Resources and education

When your child is ill, injured, or facing lifelong challenges, you need all the support you can get. The following resources will help you understand doctor-speak, connect with other families who know what you're going through, and link you to additional health information.

Glossary of terms

You don't have to be a neuroscientist to understand the neurosciences terminology; you just need the handy glossary of terms provided here.

Support groups

Facing the serious illness or long-term health challenge of a child can be a lonely and frightening feeling. Fortunately, the support groups at Cook Children's are here to help parents and family members deal with the obstacles, find strength in others, and even discover life's unexpected joys.

Camps for Kids

Camps for Kids

Just because a kid has health issues shouldn't mean they have to miss out on the fun of going away to summer camp. All of our Camps for Kids are designed for so that kids have chance to explore, adventure, meet new friends, and gain confidence in safe environment.

Epilepsy Support Groups

Epilepsy support groups

Cook Children's neurosciences department is committed to equipping you, as parents, family members, and care-givers, with the knowledge and skills you need to help your child with epilepsy.

Neurofibromatosis Family Support Group

Neurofibromatosis Family Support Group

The Neurofibromatosis (NF) support group is designed for patients (ages 0-18), their parents or caregivers, as well as siblings of all ages to attend. Dinner is provided and sitters will be available for children under age 5.

Neurosciences Family Advisory Council

Neurosciences Family Advisory Council

The Neurosciences Family Advisory Council was created to give families of patients a voice in the care and experiences of patients and patient families.

Sibshops Sibling Support Group

Sibshops Sibling Support Group

The Sibshop Sibling Support Group provides an opportunity for the brothers and sisters of people with lifelong challenges to meet other siblings, share common concerns, and take some time out for fun.

YAC-PAC Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council, a.k.a. the YAC-PAC

The YAC-PAC is a team of teens, 12-17, who are or have been patients at Cook Children's, with one goal in common: making family-centered care at Cook Children's the best it can be.

Website resources

This section contains links to other organizations with information you may find helpful. Please click on the appropriate link to view the information.

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