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Meet our team

Our team is led by doctors specializing in pediatric radiology. The radiologist is responsible for reading radiology procedure results.


Dr. Putegnat

Putegnat, Barry B. III M.D.
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Bosemani, Madham M.D.

Bosemani, Madhan M.D.
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Dr. Keith Hayden

McIntosh, Adeka K. M.D.
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Dr. Manish Kotecha

Kotecha, Manish K. M.D.
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Dr. Kim Iglesia

Iglesia, Kim A. M.D.
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Dr. Hayden Head

Head, Hayden M.D.
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Radiology nurses

Radiology NursesRadiology nurses are important team members in the clinical care of your child in Radiology. All of our nurses are registered and board certified. They are patient advocates that provide instruction and obtain a medical history. Radiology nurses are liaisons between the family, anesthesia team and technologists. They provide work together with other nursing areas to improve quality and safety. They administer medications, start IVs, and access central lines/ports, to allow a child to receive drugs or other fluids into the bloodstream.

Child Life specialists

Child Life SpecialistsThe Child Life specialist supports patients during the exam using a variety of coping techniques, such as toys, books, movies and relaxation exercises.

Cook Children's was one of the first pediatric organizations in the state to recognize the importance of a Child Life specialist specifically for radiology.

Special dolls are used to help kids and families learn about a radiology procedure.

For further questions or concerns about your child's coping and/or behaviors, please contact the Child Life specialist at 682-885-2677.

Tips for preparing and supporting your child for a radiology procedure:

Radiologic technologist

A radiologic technologist is responsible for performing radiology examinations including X-rays, CT, MRI, NM and ultrasound procedures, our technologists are all certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

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