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Occupational therapy professionals

Occupational therapists at Cook Children's work hand-in-hand with other teams and specialistsCook Children's is an award-winning healthcare system. Our therapists participate in ongoing education and certification in a number of specialties and areas of expertise so that your child can be assured of receiving the most up-to-date treatments by people who are among not only the most competent you'll find, but also the most caring.

Our partners

Occupational therapists at Cook Children's work hand-in-hand with other teams and specialists. This spirit of collaboration enables better coordination of care and creates an environment of successful outcomes for both patients and therapists. We offer our current clinicians and future occupational therapists a wealth of experience in a variety of settings, including:

As one of the most respected independent children's health care systems, we are dedicated to improving the health and lives of every child. To accomplish this goal, we are dedicated to participating in leadership organizations so that we can become an ever stronger voice and better advocates for children. Cook Children's Rehabilitative program belongs to a number of professional organizations:

Professional programs

Clinical Education
We collaborate with universities around the country to provide learning opportunities for observation and fieldwork students.

Preceptor Program
Cook Children's Healthcare System offers a comprehensive orientation and mentorship for new employees. New occupational therapists are paired with experienced OTs to learn competencies specific for the job. Advanced training in hand, feeding and assistive technology are also available.

Clinical Excellence Program

The occupational therapists at Cook Children's play a vital role in helping children gain functionality and independence. Our therapists work in our NICU and PICU units, neurology, inpatient and outpatient clinics in a variety of programs.

Occupational therapists are provided with the opportunity to receive advanced status from outlined criteria and competency designed for rehabilitation providers. The benefit for achieving clinical excellence is both professional and financial.

Participation in the Clinical /Professional Excellence Program carries with it additional responsibilities to learn and demonstrate leadership skills. Rehab leadership provides support and encouragement to the individual who demonstrates a desire to participate in the program:

Learn more about our Clinical Excellence Program here.

Opportunities for career growth also leads to better growth for our patients, helping them get back to everyday activities, such as play, school and sports ... and the business of being a kid: For more information, visit our careers page.

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