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Sports EKG Screening

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Did you know that Cook Children's offers a $25 Sports EKG (electrocardiogram) screening test at our Cardiology offices in Denton, Mansfield, Midland, San Angelo and Southlake? Adding a sports EKG to your child's physical can help detect most heart conditions that may lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

Heart conditions in children and young adults go undetected often. That's why it is important to have your child's heart screened for risk factors associated with sudden cardiac arrest. Early detection could save your child's life. Before your child signs up for a sports team, come visit our specialty team to help ensure a safer season. When it comes to screening and early prevention, a sports EKG helps make everyone a winner.

What is an EKG?

An EKG is a non-invasive test where stickers are placed on the child's chest and abdomen. These stickers are connected by wires to an EKG machine. The EKG shows how fast the heart is beating, the heart's rhythm and the timing of the heart's electrical signals.

The tests takes about 2 to 5 minutes and the results are evaluated by a pediatric cardiologist to determine if there is any need for follow-up. Results are sent to your primary care physician.

Who should get an EKG?

Any child can receive an EKG with a referral from their primary care physician. Studies show that combining an EKG with a medical history and physical exam increases the likelihood of detecting most conditions that may lead to sudden cardiac arrest. This test is also recommended for children of families who have a history of sudden unexplained death in a young person.

Schedule a screening

If you would like to schedule an EKG screening test for your child, contact your child's primary care physician and ask for an order for a "Sports EKG." Please call our cardiology offices for more information on location and times.

For your convenience, the referral form that needs to be completed by your child's physician is available by clicking on the following locations:

Is your child's school heart safe?

Project ADAM

Project ADAM is a program that provides life-saving defibrillators to schools. In the event that a child or teen experiences sudden cardiac arrest – usually during participation in a sporting event – this equipment may save a child's life.

In order to assure that all schools have access to a defibrillator, Project ADAM needs your support. Please help ensure that Project ADAM can continue to provide life-saving assistance to schools by donating. For more information, please contact Sarah Thieroff, Project ADAM Texas program coordinator, at 682-885-6755 or through email at

Learn more about Project Adam