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Child Life Internship

Thank you for your interest in our child life internship. We believe that child life interns must practice what they have learned, through formal and informal training, hands-on clinical practice and collaboration with peers.

Diversity Scholarship

The Association of Child Life Professionals has funding for a limited number of scholarships to help support students of diverse backgrounds and experiences during their internships. Applications are being accepted now.

Program information and requirements

  • We offer comprehensive child life internship opportunities three times a year beginning in January, May, and September.
  • The Child Life internship is a 15-1/2 week, full-time experience (40 hours/week).
    • Students will obtain 616 hours of clinical experience.
    • Students are expected to be available for internship during regular business hours.
    • Some rotations require evening and weekend coverage.
  • Students will complete a minimum of two rotations.
  • Students must complete the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) Internship Curriculum Modules and a variety of assignments.

Applicant requirements

  • Must be at least a college senior, graduate student or college graduate
  • Must have a minimum of 100 hours of direct experience interacting with typically developing children in group settings
  • Must have completed a minimum of 150 hours of experience with children and families experiencing stress, crisis or trauma.
    • At least 100 hours must be from a child life practicum experience. The child life practicum must be completed at the time the child life internship application is submitted.
    • The additional 50 hours may come from the child life practicum or other appropriate setting
    • If you are applying in March for the fall internship, and your child life practicum is still in progress, please have your supervisor complete the ACLP Child Life Practicum in Progress form.
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Validation of coursework
    • Completed Association of Child Life Professionals Eligibility Assessment indicating "passed" in all coursework requirements
    • Applicants for the fall 2018 semester and later must submit an Eligibility Assessment that meets the ACLP 2019-2021 academic requirements
  • Additional requirements specific to our internship program are outlined in the Clinical Internship Application Packet

Application information

  • Consideration for internship requires the student submit a complete application and meet our program's minimum requirements.
  • Submitting a complete application does not guarantee a student an interview or internship placement.
  • Late applications are not considered.
  • Paper applications are not considered.

Application Links and Resources

Clinical Internship Application Packet
Child Life Internship Application Submission Portal
Association of Child Life Professionals Common Internship Application
Association of Child Life Professionals Eligibility Assessment
Internship Reference Requests
Identify your references here. They will receive a request via email to complete a reference form on your behalf.

Internship application deadlines

Internship session Application due Initial offer date Student must accept position by 2nd offer date
Winter/Spring September 5 2nd Tuesday of October the following Wednesday the following Thursday
Summer January 5 2nd Tuesday of February the following Wednesday the following Thursday
Fall March 15 1st Tuesday of May the following Wednesday the following Thursday

Interview dates

  • Spring 2019 – Friday, October 5, 2018
  • Summer 2019 – Friday, February 8, 2019
  • Fall 2019 – Monday, April 29, 2019
  • Spring 2020 – Friday, October 4, 2019


Please email us at or contact Linsey Hammon at 682-885-4740.

Visit our frequently asked questions page to find answers to common questions.