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Because childhood should be simple ...

Parents and Family

Here's an upsetting thought: Children today are likely to have a shorter life span than their parents because most of them are simply not eating right or exercising enough.

Checkup Challenge, a program created by Cook Children's, is one way that can help children build a better future. The program encourages a new and improved way of thinking about health, nutrition and physical activity.

The goal of Checkup Challenge is to develop good eating habits and increase physical activity. Kids who complete the program will have a basic knowledge of what it means to be healthy, thanks to some simple guidelines they can follow for the rest of their lives. But all of us will have to work together, to make it happen.

The real key to your child's success is YOU. As a parent, you make decisions that affect your child every day. You decide what's served for dinner, if you eat at home or go to a fast food restaurant. Your decisions make a huge impact because you are setting the example.

In today's hectic world, finding time to be healthy is not always easy. That's why we want to help. Checkup Challenge offers information, advice and suggestions on how to make a positive impact on your child and your entire family.

This is a great opportunity for your family to make some lifestyle changes. What if you decided everyone should turn off the TV and go for a walk or you made a healthy meal at home instead of going out for fast food? This could change your family dynamic for the better.

Parent and family week-to-week guides

How Checkup Challenge works

Over the course of six weeks, Checkup Challenge will teach kids about healthy eating and exercising.

Hopefully, when Checkup Challenge ends your child will have begun to build a healthy lifestyle for the remainder of his or her life ... as well as yours.

Checkup Challenge is a great opportunity to help your child think differently and grow up to be a healthy adult.

Your role

The more parents are involved in a lifestyle change, the better the child performs. A teacher/leader will guide your child at school, but you will set the tone at home by helping to establish goals, promote tracking and provide helpful guidelines. We will offer a weekly e-newsletter with helpful tips on how to re-enforce the "get-healthy" messages at home.

This will be a good way for your family to communicate and share. You will need to approve your child's participation in this program with the attached form and, hopefully, you too will become another champion and partner for Checkup Challenge's success.

We hope you join us as we bring our next generation to good health and bright futures.

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