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Jane and John Justin Neurosciences Center

Nerves of steel. Hearts of gold. When a medical condition interrupts your child's life, it can be scary, especially when it's related to the brain and nervous system. If your child is diagnosed with a neurological disorder or disease, it may ease your mind to know that our neurosciences department is one of the largest and most respected in the southwest.

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The Arcuate – Information on new programs, innovations and our continued efforts to provide the best neurosciences care to the patients of Cook Children's, the state of Texas, and beyond.

Robotic surgery

Advanced Technology

The Jane and John Justin Neurosciences Center at Cook Children's is recognized for its dedication in bringing extraordinary technologies and treatments to our patients. In the hands of our very skilled specialists, groundbreaking advancements such as laser ablation surgery or deep brain stimulation deliver pinpoint precision and reduced risk in brain surgeries.

Motion Lab

Neuroscience Clinics

The more we learn about the illnesses, disorders and injuries that interrupt childhood, the more focused we can become on very specific treatments and, eventually, cures. Our neuroscience programs and clinics afford us that opportunity. But more importantly, they bring the latest treatments and research to patients with rare conditions.

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Support, Resources and News

We offer a variety of resources that are open to families of our patients and also those families in our community whose children have neurological diagnoses. Educators and other caregivers are welcome here as well. It's good to know that when things get complicated, the support teams at Cook Children's are here to help.