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Newborn Care Videos

Our pediatricians answer your questions and provide important information through these helpful videos on caring for newborns.

Spitting up, normal or serious? Dr. Vuong Dao helps parents understand the difference.
Do babies need lotion? Dr. Desiree Harris talks about using lotion on newborns.
How can I clear my baby's stopped up nose? Dr. Heeten Masters shows how to clear out your baby's nose.
How do I use a bulb to clear my baby's nose? Dr. Heeten Master shows the correct way to use bulb suction.
Is sunscreen ok for newborns? Dr. Desiree Harris talks about taking your newborn out in the sun.
What do I need to know about breastfeeding? Dr. Diane Arnaout explains the issues you need to know.
How do I clean my baby's tear ducts? Dr. Sara Garza shows how to effectively clear a babies tear ducts.
My baby's constipated, what do I do? Dr. Roger Knapp explains how to relieve constipation in babies.
How do I get my baby to sleep? Dr. Audrey Rogers talks about how to get babies to fall asleep.
When should my baby have a bath? Dr. Desiree Harris explains when and how to bathe your new baby.