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Prenatal/Newborn Care

Baby is coming! Are you ready for arrival? We are. And our pediatric experts are here to help you prepare.

Before your baby even arrives, and all the way to the day you send them off into adulthood, Cook Children's pediatricians are with you and your child every worry, hope, question and step of the way. When you choose Cook Children's, you choose:

Resources for Parenthood

We're here to help you through the burps, boo boos, bumps, bruises and anything else childhood dishes out. And if something serious arises, our network of extraordinary specialists, nurses, brilliant minds and big talents are devoted to caring for the one child that matters most ... yours.

Newborn parenting classes

Newborn parenting classes

Free newborn classes for new and expectant parents. It's a great place to ask an expert all your baby-related questions and help you prepare for parenthood.

Newborn care videos

Newborn care videos

Our pediatricians answer your questions and provide important information through these helpful videos on caring for newborns.

Health care notebook

Health Care Notebook

We've created a FREE health care notebook to help you keep your child's health information in one place and up to date.

Guide to choosing a pediatrician

Pediatrician guide

Looking for a pediatrician? We can help. The following information can help you choose the doctor who is focused on the one thing that matters most … your child.

To swaddle or not

To swaddle or not to swaddle

Swaddling has been found to increase the risk of SIDS. Get informed and get ready for parenthood.

Partnering with your pediatrician

Pediatrician partnership

Keeping your family safe and healthy can be tough. We're with you every inch of the way.

Developmental milestones

Developmental milestones

Your baby's developmental milestones. What's normal?

Feeding and sleeping myths

Feeding and sleeping myths

Feeding myths you should know so you and your baby can sleep better.

Choosing a pediatrician

Choose the right pediatrician

Parent-to-be? The best time to choose a pediatrician is before baby arrives.

Preparing for childcare

Preparing for child care

Preparing for child care: what every expectant parent needs to know.

Safe baby nursery

How to keep your nursery safe

Baby is coming. Prepare your nursery to keep them safe while sleeping.

safe sleep tips for teen mothers

Safe sleep tips for teenage moms

Cook Children's pediatricians, helping young moms every inch of the way.