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Bringing expert medical care directly to you.

From pink eye and rashes to tummy bugs and much more, Cook Children's is all about helping kids, and their parents, feel better. And with parents' busy schedules, we know convenience is a necessity. That's why we offer telemedicine. Whether you're at home or on the road, we can help you and your child connect to participating pediatricians and a health care team at Cook Children's, where strong patient care and connection is made even stronger with new technology.

Using the latest innovations to streamline our process, you can now make appointments by phone, or schedule and check in online. You can even message the doctor directly if you're not sure where to start. Sometimes getting into the office is tricky and getting good medical care on the weekends or after hours can be hard. Now, with modern technology, you can see your doctor in the convenience of your home with your smart phone, computer or tablet.

  • Live video communication with your doctor
  • Efficient diagnosis and treatment
  • Secure web platform
  • Prescriptions can be faxed to your pharmacy

What is a virtual visit?

Virtual visits are a way of receiving care in the comfort of your home (or anywhere) for minor symptoms. The platform provides a secure video chat with your child's doctor. After your conversation, the doctor can provide advice or even send prescriptions directly into your pharmacy if necessary. All you need is a smart phone, computer or tablet and an internet connection to get started!

What conditions can and can't be treated through a virtual visit?

Virtual visits are great for simple concerns such as pink eye, rashes, allergies, constipation and vomiting. We can even check in for updates on chronic conditions. And, we now offer remote ear exams! If your child requires testing, such as for urinary symptoms or strep throat, or has more severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, they should be seen in person or go to the nearest urgent care center.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for an account at any time.
  2. When you child needs a virtual visit, make your appointment here, or download the virtual care app.
  3. Select "schedule an appointment" and choose your provider.

After-hour services for existing patients

Ask your doctor's office about how to access one of our expert pediatricians via telemedicine after hours and on weekends*. We offer telemedicine to help you and your child connect from a remote location to a doctor and health care team at Cook Children's when your regular pediatrician's office is closed. All you need is a laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Sign up for an account and schedule your appointment

* Established patients only.

CellScope remote ear exams

Select Cook Children's pediatricians now offer remote ear exams for just $40! To get started, purchase the CellScope's in-home smart otoscope, Oto, for $79 to capture a video of the eardrum using your iPhone. *Please note that the address is case-sensitive.