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Health Professionals

Cook Children's offers physicians, clinicians and the global medical community the resources and support needed to do what you do best – care for kids, teens and young adults.

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Teddy Bear Transport

Cook Children's is supported by one of the largest pediatric transport programs in the nation. To refer a patient for immediate transport, please call Teddy Bear Transport at 1-800-KID-HURT (1-800-543-4878) and request our team to be sent for a patient requiring immediate treatment and/or stabilization. We will promptly send a team to you.

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Telehealth and Virtual Medicine

Cook Children's Telemedicine program makes it easy for you and your patients to get the clinical help they need. Think of us as an extension of your medical staff. We supply all the technology required for secure communications and data sharing so your staff can collaborate with more 240 medical experts. We offer specialty support to hospitals, pediatrician offices and schools. Our medical team is committed to delivering excellent medical partnerships and superior care for the children you treat, because it all comes down to the one pediatric patient that matters the most ... yours.