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Promise and Purpose

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Real life stories. Expert resources.

When it comes to raising healthy kids, it takes more than a village. Cook Children's Promise and Purpose audio and video streams bring you important topics and real life stories from the frontlines of pediatric medicine. Hear how our experts are working to take the care and treatment of kids to the next level through advanced treatments and research. You'll also experience how the resources they create are helping parents, kids and health care providers learn and grow together.

Cook Children's Conversations: In Your Shoes - How Kindness Heals

Lisa Elliott, Ph.D.

You can give and receive kindness in many ways. But where does it start? In Lisa Elliott's life it started with one person whose love and protection showed her how kindness can change everything. Today, she shares that valuable lesson in her career helping children understand their worth, become resilient and most of all learn how to accept kindness and give it to others. Lisa explains how you can be that one person for someone else and bring kindness to the world, just when we need it most.

Cook Children's Conversations: Good Grief

Dr. Jamye Coffman

Grief isn't just found in death, you can grieve the loss of a friendship, divorce, a job, anything or anyone that meant something to you. There are good ways and bad ways to help someone in grief. Dr. Jamye Coffman has experienced profound grief in her own life and offers great advice to those who are grieving as well as those who want to support someone through the grieving process.