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When your newborn is diagnosed with bladder exstrophy, it can be a time great anxiety and concern. You want to find the very best medical care possible for your child. Cook Children's is an international leader in treating bladder exstrophy. With us, your child gets the most advanced and compassionate care possible, from specialists who are among the top experts in the world in understanding and treating the condition.

Bladder exstrophy is a rare congenital condition where a child is born with the bladder partially or completely outside of the abdomen wall. Treatment often will involve two or more reconstructive surgeries to help your child. Those surgeries are complicated, and results are best when the surgeon and team have extensive expertise in treating this condition. That's why bladder exstrophy patients and their families from around the world come to Cook Children's for treatment.

Our team is led by Bradley Kropp, M.D., medical director of the Urology/Genitourinary Institute and GREAT Kids program at Cook Children's. Dr. Kropp is one of the world's leading experts on reconstructive surgery for bladder exstrophy. He has performed hundreds of surgeries on children with exstrophy. Kropp is also an international leader in bladder exstrophy research and serves on the advisory board of the Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community (ABeC), an international support network for patients and families living with bladder exstrophy.

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The Cook Children's GREAT Kids team that includes other surgeons, specialists from other departments, nurses, behavioral health specialists and the families of children with exstrophy. The team promotes and organizes peer support programming so families have a local community to enhance their experience. All of them have deep experience treating children with bladder exstrophy and all of them work together to provide the extraordinary care and support that you and your child deserve.

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If your child has been diagnosed, you probably have lots of questions. We can help. If you would like to schedule an appointment, refer a patient or speak to our staff, please call our offices.

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