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2018 SPORTS Symposium

SPORTS Symposium

Preventing, treating and rehabilitating sport injuries

Focusing on the school-age athlete, the SPORTS Symposium is designed for first responders: physical therapists, athletic trainers of school and select teams, as well as school nurses (elementary through high school).

After this educational activity, participants will be able to:

  • Identify medical skin conditions that are specific and problematic to the pediatric and adolescent athlete, as well as summarize best practices and regulations for infection control.
  • Differentiate the types of pain responses that a young athlete may have with or without injury; growing pains vs. complex regional pain syndrome.
  • Explain the growing concerns of hyponatremia and heat illness in our young athlete population.
  • Identify the assessment skills needed to address musculoskeletal injuries that happen at school or during a sporting event.
  • Discuss methods to stabilize orthopedic injuries until the athlete can be seen at a medical facility or by a physician.
  • Summarize available resources for health care professionals when in rural areas to help manage the pediatric and adolescent athlete.
  • Discuss the relevant medical information from case studies related to orthopedic injuries to the shoulder, knee, lower back and sacral iliac joint, as well as identify practices to prevent and treat these injuries in the young athlete.

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