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If pain is preventing your child from participating in sports, play or other physical activities, you want to find the best care possible so they can recover and get back in the game. The Cook Children's Sports Physical Therapy team evaluates and treats children and adolescents who have acute or chronic pain conditions as the result of a sports injury.

What causes chronic pain?

Chronic pain can be caused by various sports injuries. There are two different categories of sports injuries that can cause chronic pain: traumatic injuries and overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries are injuries that happen suddenly, such as a sprained ankle or a broken bone from a fall. These traumatic injuries cause acute pain. Overuse injuries occur due to increased stresses on the body over time. However, both acute pain from traumatic injuries and pain from overuse injuries can become chronic.

Why Cook Children's Sports Physical Therapy?

We have one of the only pediatric pain management teams in North Texas. Our focus is 100 percent on kids and teens. Because children and teens are still growing, their pain experiences can be very different from that of adults. Our clinicians have extensive training in pediatric medicine, and work closely with your child's physician and our pain management team to develop the best plan for their treatment.

Our team

Our physical therapists are trained in pediatric pain management and work closely with the Cook Children's Pain Management team to determine the best treatment plan for your child's condition. The physician-led team includes board certified anesthesiologists trained in pain management, a nationally certified counselor specializing in psychophysiology, a licensed clinical social worker and specially trained physical therapists.


Orders/referrals for patients that need services due to pain are sent to Cook Children's Sports Physical Therapy for prompt triaging.

To make a referral:

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Patients can make an appointment and physicians may refer a patient by calling 817-347-2983.

You can also fax our physical therapy referral form to 682-885-7590.