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If pain is preventing your child from participating in sports, play or other physical activities, you want to find the best care possible so they can recover and get back in the game. The Cook Children's Sports Rehab Physical Therapy team evaluates and treats children and adolescents who have acute or chronic pain conditions as the result of a sports injury.

What are sports injuries?

There are two kinds of sports injuries: traumatic injuries and overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries cause acute pain. These types of injuries can be related to concussions, bone breaks or fractures, sprains, injuries to the ACL, ligaments, muscles, rotator cuffs, etc.

Sometimes, acute pain can become chronic, such as headaches from a concussion, or an injury that results in permanent damage.

In sports, chronic pain is most often the result of overuse. It is also the most common cause of sports related pain. Like it sounds, an overuse injury is often caused by a repeated action or intensive training. It can also be the result of things like improperly fitted equipment or gear (such as a uniform) and, of course, physical changes or musculoskeletal abnormalities in a child's or teen's body.

Both types of injuries can have many causes, and can occur anywhere on your child's body:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Hand and wrist injuries
  • Foot and ankle injuries

Why Cook Children's Sports Rehab Physical Therapy?

Cook Children's has one of the only pediatric sports medicine programs in North Texas. Our focus is 100 percent on kids. Because children and teens are still growing, the types of sports injuries and responses to pain they experience are very different from adults. Our rehab specialists have extensive training in pediatric medicine, and work closely with your child's doctor and our pain management team to develop the best plan of treatment. Our goal is to help your child heal and get back to running, throwing, jumping and doing what kids do.

Our team

Our physical therapists are clinically trained in pediatric pain management and work with Cook Children's Pain Management team to determine the cause of the injury and ensure the best treatment plan for your child's condition. The physician-led team includes two board certified anesthesiologists trained in pain management, a national certified counselor specializing in psychophysiology, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in pain management, and specifically trained physical therapists.

Your child's treatment plan and the types of therapy he or she receives will be customized based on the injury and any impairments or complications that may be identified during the diagnosis.


Orders/referrals for patients that need rehab services due to pain are sent to Cook Children's SPORTS for prompt triaging.

To make a referral:

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