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Some children and teens have difficulty with bladder and bowel incontinence (leaking urine or stool), constipation, pain when using the restroom (dysuria) or pelvic pain. This could be due to pelvic floor dysfunction, muscle imbalance or diet.

Children who develop incontinence or pain may begin to avoid activities and isolate themselves from friends and family. Fortunately, at Cook Children's we have a team of physical and occupational therapists who specialize in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Our team is here to help your child return to everyday life without leaking or pain.

What causes pelvic floor dysfunction?

Children and teens who play sports may be at an increased risk of developing pelvic floor dysfunction (bladder and bowel incontinence). This is especially true for kids who participate in gymnastics, running, basketball, football and other high-impact activities.

In children, pelvic floor dysfunction could be caused by overly weak or tight muscles in the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor dysfunction may also be caused by too much straining or impact during a sports activity, resulting in injury.


Therapists use a combination of biofeedback, manual therapy, breathing, and strengthening to address incontinence, pain and constipation. Biofeedback involves the use of electrodes to "listen" to the muscles (looking at muscle activity) and retrain their pelvic floor muscles in relaxation and contraction. Therapists are skilled in manual therapy and strengthening specifically for pelvic health in order to release tight muscles, increase strength and increase colon motility. Each treatment plan and length of episode of care is individualized to your child's diagnosis, impairments and specific needs.

Why Cook Children's Sports Physical Therapy?

Cook Children's Sports Physical Therapy team is composed of various team members to ensure the best pelvic floor rehabilitation outcomes for your child. Out team consists of developmental physical therapists, physical therapists and spots physical therapists. Our teams have extensive training in pediatrics, and work closely with your family and child to develop the best plan for their treatment.

Our team

Our Cook Children's Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation team is made of physical and occupational therapists who specialize not only in pelvic health but also pediatric care. They work closely with your child's doctor and our pediatric urology team to create the best plan of treatment for your child. For an example, if your child is an athlete who is having difficulty with leaking or pain when playing their sport, we have physical therapists trained to assist specifically with returning to sport.


Orders/referrals for patients that need rehabilitation services due to incontinence, constipation, pain or pelvic floor dysfunction are sent to Cook Children's rehabilitation services for prompt triaging.

To make a referral:

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Patients can make an appointment and physicians may refer a patient by calling 817-347-2983.

You can also fax our physical therapy referral form to 682-885-7590.