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We have health care experts that can provide current information about clinical practices, medical research, health care trends and compelling patient stories for news media interviews. We are happy to connect you with some of the world's most knowledgeable pediatric doctors in specific medical fields.

The Cook Children's Public Relations department handles all media inquiries. Calls to other areas of the health care system will be directed back to our department because our team is most familiar with the special needs and deadlines of the news media, as well as those of our health care team.

For media inquiries regarding patient information, interview requests or any other questions, please visit our Contact Public Relations page for contact names and numbers.

Do you need to arrange photos or interviews with Cook Children's employees or patient families?

Please contact Kim Brown in our Public Relations department at 817-266-3728, or through email. She will make arrangements for you and accompany you during your visit to any of the health care system's locations. (Please note that our policy requires that a PR representative accompany all media personnel during their visits to Cook Children's facilities.)