​​​​​Staff Redeployment Information
If you need to reach someone about redeployment and/or waiting to redeploy pay, please contact the following:
Payroll & Kronos questions
Staffing requests, redeployment needs, as well as collection of staff to be redeployed

​​Managers: Please u​se this document to know how to assign time in the appropriate payroll codes.

​​You should use this spreadsheet to submit your red​eployment needs​. This should be submitted by each Thursday for the following week's redeployment needs. Please send your completed spreadsheet to Redeployment@CookChildrens.org as soon as you have the information gathered. 
​​Important redeployment update

April 6, 2020

During this public health crisis, we asked some employees to move from their usual role and be redeployed elsewhere. Mr. Merrill and our leadership team made the commitment that we would pay employees through the end of April with the understanding that if they were needed in other roles that they would respond as needed.

Since Cook Children’s is a designated “essential workplace,” all employees are needed to work during this pandemic. Therefore, the redeployment list is NOT voluntary. We require everyone to take a role. Employees can’t stay home and not work because they don’t want to redeploy and get paid DHP.

However, if you are on the redeployed list and at home on DHP and are not called for an assignment for that day, you will be paid DHP as long as you are on the list and available to redeploy.  

We’d like to take this opportunity to clarify a few other important items regarding redeployment:

 ·    If you are asked to redeploy because of your reduced schedule, you will be sent an email by the redeployment team (redeployment@cookchildrens.org). We communicate directly via email to the employee, the employee’s supervisor and director, as well as the receiving department’s leadership team. The aim is for weekly assignments to be made by Friday at 3 p.m.
​·    However, redeployment happens seven days a week, so please be diligent about checking your phone and email if you are a salaried, exempt employee. Nonexempt employees (those paid hourly) will be contacted by telephone.
·    There have been instances of some employees who have not answered their phones promptly. If you are on the redeployment list and participating in redeployment, you must answer the phone for your assignment.
·    You are responsible for making sure the phone on record is the one you can be contacted at while redeployment is taking place.
·    If you are on the redeployment list and refuse an assignment, you will not be paid during this time.
·    If you are not on the redeployment list and currently at home, your time will be deducted from your available PTO.
·    As redeployed employees, your new assignment on a particular day becomes your job while you are assigned that role. The redeployed job is not overtime or extra time. At this time, there are plenty of people on the redeployment list to be reassigned, which means hourly paid nonexempt employees should not be exceeding their FTE hours.
·    If you are assigned a shift but are sick or need to call in for another reason, please email redeployment@cookchildrens.org and call your assigned supervisor (the number provided at the time of assignment) at least two hours prior to your shift or assignment. Attendance points for redeployment are the same for your regular position.
·    If you have questions about redeployment or your assignment, please email redeployment@cookchildrens.org.
·    Payroll/Kronos instructions are here.
We need your help right now, as every role is essential.
Please know that we have many staff members in the redeployment pool, and some are currently without a position for them to fill. This could change, so we appreciate your willingness to help during these unusual circumstances.
Thank you for your commitment to Cook Children’s, and the patients and families who need us.

Explanation of Redeployment & Waiting to Redeploy Pay
March 23, 2020

During this very unprecedented time, Cook Children’s intends to care for our employees as well as our patients and their families.  Per last week’s message from Mr. Merrill and leadership, Cook Children’s will continue to pay staff at their base rate, even if they are not currently needed or reduced during this crisis. This will take place from March 18 through April 30. We will continue to reevaluate and communicate to you as this situation remains very fluid.

We know that we have a need for roles that have not existed before and will not continue to be needed once the crisis is over (i.e. the temperature screeners at the doors to our buildings).  We will redeploy displaced employees whenever possible. Natalie Wilkins is the contact currently and all staffing requests, as well as collection of staff to be redeployed, should route through her. A redeployment mailbox has been set up. Please send all requests to Natalie via this address: redeployment@cookchildrens.org.

There may be a need for employees to work at different locations or different hours than their normal or to be retrained to fill a critical need. When that isn’t possible, the employee will be paid up to their FTE.  The rules below operationalize how that continued compensation will be handled. 

If an area of the organization has staff and no work for them to perform due to the COVID-19 crisis, those employees will be placed on the “available for deployment” list.  Employees who are not deployed, but instead remain home on a day they otherwise would have worked, those employees will be paid their base rate of pay for the number of regular hours they were scheduled to work.  Employees should only receive up to their FTE.  For this scenario, if you are sent home with pay (not to work), Managers will have the ability to submit Disaster Home Pay (DHP) from the Request Manager in Kronos on the employees behalf using the DHP-Auto Approve or (DHP-S-Auto Approve if using advanced schedule.)


New Pay Codes

DHP (Disaster Home Pay) – sent home not working which also includes DHP-S for clinical employees who are on “Advance Scheduler.”  Note:  Only Managers have access to add this under Request Manager.

Disaster – employees who are re-deployed.  THIS IS FOR NON-EXEMPT EMPLOYEES ONLY AND THE EMPLOYEE MUST CLOCK INTO THIS AT THE CLOCK. Re-deployed employees will only be able to clock into this pay code and will not be able to do a department transfer at the clock.  Note:  if the employee does not input this code at the clock they will not be paid appropriately regardless of what is in the schedule.

Exempt employees that are redeployed must have the code entered into their schedule (work rule transfer). 


Redeployment to a NEW COVID-19 only job

If a non-exempt employee is redeployed to a job that only exists because of the current COVID-19 crisis, (for instance a temperature screener at the door) that employee should clock in using the following pay code DISASTER, but will not clock in as a department transfer.

If an exempt employee is redeployed to a job that only exists because of the current COVID-19 crisis, that employee’s leader should go to the employee’s schedule in Kronos, click edit on the day(s) to be allocated due to COVID-19, choose Exempt-Disaster under Work Rule Transfer, Apply. 


Redeployment to a Regularly Existing position:

If a non-exempt employee is redeployed to a “regular” position, that individual would clock into the receiving companies cost center as any normal department transfer.

If an exempt employee is redeployed to a “regular” position, that individual would not have any change in their regular Kronos schedule.

Redeployments will take into consideration the employees “regular” role and try to match skill sets, as much as possible.  There will be times that the needed role will be different than the employee’s “regular” role.  Unless there is some overwhelming reason as to why the employee couldn’t do the new tasks, the redeployed employee would be expected to take on the new role and perform it to the best of their ability.  Employees will receive their normal base rate of pay and any differentials attached to their normal pay code in Kronos.   

If an employee is offered redeployment and they refuse the assignment, they will be sent home and required to use their PTO (if they have any available) with the possibility of disciplinary action.

Employees at home not actively redeployed must remain ready for assignment in order to receive compensation for that day.  If during the time the employee is “waiting to be redeployed” and they are called, they must come in at any time during that shift to continue to be eligible for compensation for that day.

We also realize the role our PRN staff play in the organization. With that in mind, while PRN staff are the first to be furloughed and last to be called back, we will provide 8 hours of base pay per pay period to our PRN staff if they haven’t worked that pay period and if they haven’t called off that pay period.

For employees who have already gone home and are working remotely: Please follow the below instructions to clock in and out.  It’s very simple. 

Log onto Kronos from CookNet.

Go to “My Information” (if it does not default on your home page).

Below is what the default looks like.  If this does not open, click on timestamp widget on the right.

Choose button below to clock in/out


For any questions regarding Kronos, clocking in/out or similar needs, please email “Payroll-All.”  Someone on the Payroll team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for all you do.