April 13, 2020

Need help working from home? With so many of our employees having to work from home during this time, our IS team has developed straightforward instructions to help. Determine if you need to use VPN or MyAccess with this guide and how-to instructions.

How about Zoom? So far, Zoom has been an extremely useful tool for us to stay connected and is an ideal alternative to meeting in person. Fortunately, our existing agreement with Zoom means that this service is committed to HIPAA best practices, which is essential for telemedicine. This means that our patients, physicians and clinical staff can have confiden​ce that proper privacy measures are in place. Take a moment to review this how-to resource for using Zoom with your Cook Children's credentials for telemedicine.

April 2, 2020
Working from home guidelines from IS: With more employees working from home, we need t​o clarify that employees should only be taking home their Cook Children’s-issued laptopsAll other equipment should be left in your work area (i.e. monitor, docking station, keyboard, printer, mouse, etc.). 

The goal is to use the equipment left in employees’ cubes to achieve adequate social distancing for onsite staff that cannot work from home. Without that equipment, we cannot do that effectively. 

Please return any equipment other than your laptop to your work station. If you have any questions, please speak with your supervisor, or call or email the IS Service Desk at servicedesk@cookchildrens.org or (682)885-7999.​

Top 5 tips when working from home
    1. At home, you may lose the natural breaks you typically get in the office from going place-to-place. Don’t forget to build these moments back in to your day. Take breaks between conference calls and emails to stretch, walk, say hi to your puppy, grab a coffee, etc. Your body, family and colleagues will appreciate it!

    2. Meetings don’t have to be an hour. Consider having 5- to 15-minute check-ins with your direct reports or manager each morning, mid-day and late afternoon. 

    3. Reset your expectations for remote work. Celebrate what went well and accept that working from home leads to different accomplishments. Forgive yourself and others for barking dogs, a needy child or other unexpected life sounds. We all know that’s what home life is all about.

    4. Allow for social time with team members in whatever way works best for your group. Have a virtual coffee chat!

    5. Breathe and appreciate the unexpected moments with family. That’s less frustrating than feeling “interrupted,” and years from now, you’ll be so glad you did.