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Remember, you must be on the network, VPN or MyAccess to register for appointment.

Don't forget to bring your employee ID badge with you when you arrive for your COVID-19 vaccination appointment. 

Since we are still limiting the number ​of people in the building, you should NOT bring your family members or additional people with you to your Decker Board Room appointment. If you expect to have people with you, please schedule your appointment for the Kindred drive-thru. 

​​Important message for patient families about surgeries and procedures

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in​ our region, additional restrictions are anticipated from state and local governing bodies, including the possible cancellation of elective surgeries and procedures.

At this time, Cook Children’s has NOT canceled any elective surgeries or procedures.

For all questions and concerns about exposures, quarantine and return to work, please call the COVID-19 Center hotline at 682-303-1661. 

PPE - What to wear and when...​

***IMPORTANT Reminder***

Updated --​ Management of Outpatients with COVID-19 Infection

COVID-19 Hotline Information: When and Who to Call

Have questions about COVID-19 or contact tracing? Please remember to call 682-303-1661 for COVID-19 health-related information, including exposures, quarantine, when you can return to work and symptom-related questions. Even though, Infection Prevention, led by Sharon Holmes, MPH, CIC, leads the process for contact tracing for employees and patients, please do not contact them directly. Use the above hotline number instead.  

  • The COVID-19 hotline is answered 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For afterhours, non-emergent issues or general questions, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned in the morning.
  • For emergent issues afterhours, please call the hospital operator and have them page the Infection Prevention nurse on-call. 
  • Return to work paperwork and testing schedulin​g can only be done during business hours at the COVID center. 
  • Please remember the COVID-19 hotline is for employees only.

 ​Thank you for your cooperation. ​

To ensure the health and safety of our employees, patients and families, this is the process for when Cook Children's employees and staff can return to work following a COVID-19 exposure.

​A Cook Children's employee may return to his/her workplace after an Occupational Health exit interview, when one of the following has occurred:

  • Ten (10) days have passed since initial positive COVID-19 test and the employee is still without symptoms; OR
  • A minimum of 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, employee is ​fever-free for up to 24 hours without fever-reducing medications (fever = 100.4 degrees or higher), and there has been improvement in symptoms; OR
  • Employee has received a negative COVID-19 test from pre-procedure testing without known exposure.

Once you are able to return to the workplace, you must wear a surgical mask in all areas from the start to the end of the shift.

NOTE: Cloth masks are not acceptable; it must be a surgical mask or N95 depending on nature of work. Also remember eyewear (goggles, safety glasses, face shields) must accompany masks when patient facing in any situation.

​REMINDER: A close shave for masks
As we have previously shared:
  • Fit te​sting is not possible for anyone with a beard, so please shave before fit testing.
  • You must be clean-shaven to use an N95 mask.
  • PAPRs are only for use when approved by Occ Health or are medically necessary.​

​COVID-19 Center contact information reminders:
  • COVID-19 Center/contact tracing hotline: (682) 303-1661 
    ​(IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the number to call for any exposures and symptom-related questions.)
  • Fax: (682) 303-1662 
  • Email:

Management of Outpatients with COVID-19 Infection

​Update on International ​Travel (August 25, 2020)

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New! Guidelines on Returning to Work After an Exposure (August 11, 2020)

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ENGLISH: Updated FAQs from Dr. Marc Mazade & PPE Infographic (July 29, 2020)

SPANISH: Personalización de su Equipo de Protección - Preguntas frecuentes sobre EPP (PPE, por sus siglas en inglés)

Additional Occ Health FAQs 

Travel Restriction G​uidance (July 23, 2020)

Helpful Tips From Occupational Health 

How To Reach Occupational Health - Phone & Email 

COVID-19 Risk Transmission Chart 

PPE Guidance (Updated – Dec. 28, 2020)​

Exposures At Work Guidance

Exposures Not At Work (non-work related) Guidance

Person Under Investigation Guidance

Exposure Scenarios Involving Our Employees

COVID-19 Hits Close to Home, Includes Actual Cook Children's Examples 

Readmission and Testing Guidelines for Patients Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 in the Past

​​Additional Resources

Tarrant County Hotline for COVID-19 (Coronavirus): 817-248-6299

Still have questions? 

Please email us here and we will work to find you an answer as quickly as possible.