​​Updated Visitor Policy: One Visitor Per Patient 
Effective April 13, 2020

The updated visitor policy allows for a single visitor, and caregivers will have the option to switch out who is with their child throughout the day/night. Exceptions to this rule are emergency situations, visits to the emergency department and end-of-life situations, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

“As a parent of two school-aged children, I know this is very difficult," Chief Nursing Officer Cheryl Petersen said.  “It breaks my heart to have to share this, but it is a rule that we must follow. It will be very important for you, our staff, to provide that support and empathetic care to our patients and families and work together to support on another."

“This rule will cease at some point, and we will be told when that is to go back to our routine visitation," Petersen said. “We hope that will be sooner rather than later with all of the guidance we've had for social distancing and minimizing contact."

The safety of patients, families and employees will always be the top priority, and this new policy will help stop the spread of COVID-19.

In case you missed it, Cheryl's complete message which is part of the 27-minute video on CCHCS's three COVID-19 Guiding Principles, is here.