NEW steps to cleaning required

As things change rapidly during this public health emergency, we continue to take steps for the safety of our patients and staff.

At this time, please remove any objects or devices frequently touched by patient families. Also, discontinue the use of frequently touched items, such as iPads, registration tablets and check-in kiosks.

Along with this step, please follow these measures:

  • Use any medical-grade cleaning solutions to disinfect all surfaces throughout the office that have not been removed, such as door handles, counters, restrooms, etc.
  • Avoid any unnecessary contact between people (greeting by shaking hands, etc.)
  • Follow CDC hand washing instructions in all bathrooms and employee areas.
  • Please make hand sanitizer as easy as possible for both patients and staff to use.
  • Remove any unnecessary items such as magazines, toys and coffee stations from the waiting office area.

Thank you for all of your help through these challenging times.​