COVID-19 testing for all inpatients begins July 1, 2020 

Starting Wednesday, July 1, universal testing begins for all patients admitted to inpatient medical floors. With the universal testing, patients will once again be admitted to the floor most suited for their diagnosis. 

They will no longer go to 3P/2N to await COVID-19 test results. The move to universal testing is to help with the following: 
  • Minimize staff exposure to asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, by testing all admissions.
  • Patient parent satisfaction – fewer transfers, direct to specialty units. 
  • Allow beds on 3P/2N for positive COVID-19 patients. 

​​Quick facts about the move to universal testing 

Batch testing will take place at 8 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. (0800, 1500 and 2100). 

Please expect a 2.5 to 3 hour turn around. You should check your patient record for results. Please do not call the lab. 

The turn-around time may be longer if the sample misses a run and has to be put on a later run, which could be the next day. 

Until you receive a test back, you should follow the guidelines for a PUI (patient under investigation). Always wear a surgical mask and eye protection. If AGP (Aerosol-Generating Procedure), please use an N-95 mask and googles. 

If the patient results are positive for COVID-19, contact bed placement and the patient will be moved to 3P or 2N. With the move, you will change into the appropriate PPE for a COVID positive patient: an N-95 mask, gown, gloves and goggles. 

If the results are negative, wear a surgical mask and eye protection for all patient encounters.

Testing Criteria for CCHCS’s UCCs, PCCs, Neighborhood Clinics 
  • If the patient needs to be transferred to another facility for escalation of care, then the receiving facility should be advised if there is a suspicion of COVID-19.
  • In situations where there is a known exposure and consistent symptomatology, the patient/family should be advised that there is a likelihood of being positive for COVID-19 and they should practice ​social distancing until well. There is no treatment available and the test result does not change the course of therapy.
  • ID NOW COVID-19 Assay molecular testing is available in the ambulatory settings. These tests are ordered at the discretion of the provider conducting patient visit in the PCP, NHC and UCC setting. 
If you need immediate assistance, please contact the hospital operator and ask them to page Infection Prevention. For other information, visit our resource page on CookNet, or email us at Thank you!