​Mar​ch 31, 2020

For National Doctors’ Day, employees from across the system shared their appreciation for our Cook Children’s doctors.

Melissa Rios (CBO – Patient Financial Services Account Specialist): 

“Thank you for all you do! :)

Vanessa Daniel (Supervisor Service Coordination Case Manager): ​

“I just wanted to say thank you to the multitudes of physicians who treat our children day in and day out. They are a wonderful bunch and we are blessed to have them.”

Kim Garrison (Social Worker Case Manager): 

“I am blessed to work with such an AMAZING group of PHYSICIANS!!! THANK YOU all for what you do, each and every day!!! You are all HEROES and beyond BRAVE!!! Stay safe and well, my friends! Happy Doctors’ Day!!”

Theresa Castruita (Behavioral Care Partner): 

“Thank you for all you do!! You rock!! Sending virtual hugs. From: Not only a Cook Children's team member but a mom who's children and grandchildren see our pediatricians!”

Becky Clem (Education Coordinator – Rehab): 

“Our family is especially thankful for Dr. Vanessa Charette as she is our granddaughter’s pediatrician! Also, as a nearly 30-year employee of Cook Children’s, I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to work with Drs. Marks, Hayden, Lipscomb, Oshman, Whitworth, Bauer, Sanders, Granagan, Stevener, Sidebottom, Pfaff, Cunningham, Danbro, Kelfer, McGlothlin, Ryals, Nelson, Putenant, Rogers, and so many others! What a blessing it is to have stellar physicians who partner with every employee to bring the best care to Cook Children’s little ones.”

Angela Ndungu (Case Manager/Service Coordinator): 

“Thank you for being the first line of defense, sacrificing a lot to help others in need and also bringing awareness. We are grateful for you and for your families who are helping you stay strong.”

Angie Boiselle (Utilization Management Therapy Manager): 

“Thank you to Drs. Kimberly Aaron, Catherine Nicholas, and Gary Strong. You have all been instrumental for keeping Cook Children’s Health plan running seamlessly for our member’s during this unprecedented time. Also, thank you for the trust and support you provide to your staff each and every day!! You truly live by the Cook Children’s Mission.”

Kimberly Flick (Office Supervisor – Southlake UCC and Multi-specialty): 

“To all of the wonderful, dedicated and compassionate physicians who work for Cook Children’s: On Doctor’s Day and every day, thank you so much for who you are and what you do!”

Connie Slothouber (Administrative Specialist, IRB): 

“Thank you Cook Children’s doctors. We ALL love you guys/gals. We appreciate everything you do taking care of our patients. Please stay safe out there. Take care!!”