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Behavioral Health Conditions Treated

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ADHD/ADD – A condition that begins in childhood and affects certain areas of the brain that allow us to solve problems, plan ahead and control urges.

Anxiety disorders – A group of disorders in which feelings of anxiety, stress or panic occur frequently and cause problems in coping with normal activities.

Autism spectrum disorders – A group of developmental disabilities that profoundly impact normal communication and social relationships. These disorders often involve other brain and physical impairments.

Behavior problems – Occurs when children or teens misbehave due to other conditions, illnesses or circumstances.

Bipolar disorder – Brain disorder that causes extreme changes in mood, energy, thinking and behavior.

Blended family issues – Common stress that happens when two families of children and parents come together to form a new family.

Coping with medical illness – Stress that happens when children and teens have medical conditions that change their life and how they function.

Depression – A group of conditions characterized by intense feelings of sadness that interfere with normal activities.

Developmental and learning delays – Conditions when a baby or child has not reached the skills or abilities of other children of the same age.

Medical non-compliance – When children, teens or their parents do not follow doctors orders for medicine and treatment.

Physical and sexual abuse – When children or teens are victims of abuse by adults or older teens and their bodies, feelings and behaviors are deeply affected.

Psychological assessment – Testing done by a psychologist to help parents, doctors and other professionals understand your child/teen better.

School-related stress – Occurs when a child/teen cannot meet the learning goals set by the teacher, school, self or parent and the child/teen becomes less able to function at home and at school.

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