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Respiratory Students

As a pediatric health care system, Cook Children's provides clinical experience for students who are currently in a respiratory care program. Students come to Cook Children's for their neonatal and pediatric clinical practice, gaining bedside experience in general, emergency, acute and critical respiratory care. In addition to clinical rotations, students receive pediatric-specific training and clinical simulation experience in order to enhance their clinical knowledge.

Respiratory therapists at Cook Children's work as part of a multi-professional team to provide quality care to neonatal and pediatric patients. Respiratory therapists care for patients experiencing breathing problems and cardiopulmonary disorders.

At Cook Children's you will find respiratory therapists in all areas of the hospital:

  • In the intensive care and acute care units managing ventilators
  • In the emergency room delivering life-saving treatments
  • In newborn and pediatric units helping kids with conditions ranging from premature birth to cystic fibrosis.
  • In the operating room working with anesthesiologists to monitor patients' breathing during and after surgery.
  • In patient's homes providing regular check-ups and making sure people have what they need to stay out of the hospital.
  • In the sleep lab helping to diagnose disorders like sleep apnea.
  • In the pulmonary clinic conducting pulmonary function tests and providing patient education.
  • In all areas providing asthma education to help kids and families learn how to cope with their condition.
  • In transport making sure patients who need specialized care get to the hospital safely.
  • In the Education Department providing continuing education and training for the hospital staff.

Interested in becoming a respiratory therapist?

If you're not yet a respiratory student and want to learn more about what this career entails and if it's the right choice for you, we suggest the following sites:

  • For more information about respiratory care, visit:
  • For a list of respiratory care programs in your area:
  • For information about shadowing a respiratory therapist call the Education Department at 682-885-4190.