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Child Life Practicum

At this point in time, Cook Children’s is planning to offer a spring 2021 child life practicum. You can expect the online application and reference portals to open at the beginning of August. Please understand that, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, this is a very fluid situation and information changes rapidly. If you have questions, please email Thank you.

We are excited to communicate with you about Cook Children's child life practicum experience. This program provides students an opportunity to become more familiar with the field of child life and the needs of hospitalized children and youth. The following is information about this program.

Applicant requirements

  • Junior level in college or beyond
  • Must have a minimum of 100 hours of experience interacting with children, beyond required experiences for coursework
    • Experience in an established child life program is preferred
    • Experience in a hospital preferred
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Applicants must show the following courses with a final passing grade or as "in progress" on the academic transcript:
    • (1) child development course
    • (1) play course
    • (1) child life course
  • The table below shows the courses the Association of Child Life Professionals requires in order to sit for the Child Life Certification Examination. Please view this document for more detailed information.
Min. classes required Subject Additional notes/requirements
1 Child Life Must be taught by a CCLS who meets all ACLP requirements
2 Child Development Birth-18y
1 Family Systems
1 Play
1 Loss/Bereavement or Death/Dying
1 Research
3 Additional courses in child life or related content areas Recommended: Human Anatomy/Physiology, Medical Terminology, Ethics

Application information

The online application and reference request portals will open approximately 6 weeks before the application deadline date.

  • We use the Texas Association of Child Life Professionals (TACLP) Common Child Life Practicum Application
  • Consideration for child life practicum requires the student submit a complete application and meet our program's minimum requirements
  • Submitting a complete application does not guarantee a student an interview or placement
  • Late applications are not considered
  • Paper applications are not considered

Child Life Practicum Application Packet

Child Life Practicum Reference Requests

TACLP Practicum Application

Child Life Practicum Application Submission Portal

Program information and requirements

  • We offer comprehensive child life practicum opportunities three times a year beginning in January, May and September.
  • Students will participate for 13 weeks
  • Students will complete a minimum of two rotations
  • Students will complete the child life practicum curriculum, including a variety of assignments

Practicum application deadlines

CL Practicum session Application due Initial offer date Student must accept
position by
2nd offer date
Winter/Spring September 19 4th Tuesday of October the following Wednesday the following Thursday
Summer January 19 4th Tuesday of February the following Wednesday the following Thursday
Fall March 29 3rd Tuesday of May the following Wednesday the following Thursday

Interview dates

  • Spring 2020 – Friday, October 11, 2019
  • Summer 2020 – Thursday, February 20, 2020
  • Fall 2020 – Thursday, May 7, 2020
  • Spring 2021 – Monday, October 19, 2020

Additional information

  • Cook Children's child life practicum students are strongly encouraged to apply for a child life internship at another organization. Experiencing other clinical learning environments and programs is to your benenfit as a professional.
  • Current Cook Children's volunteers are required to take a leave of absence from their volunteer position if selected for the Cook Children's child life practicum


Please email us at or contact Linsey Hammon at 682-885-4740.

Visit our frequently asked questions page to find answers to common questions.