100 Stories

Our celebration of the past 100 years is not only about the amazing milestones we've accomplished, but also about each and every person who has shared their life with us and the stories they have to tell. We'll be sharing those stories all throughout the year, adding new ones each week until we reach 100. This is our history. These are your stories. You're the 1 in our 100.

In Your Words: Walton Lawrence

Former Chairman of the Board, Dr. Walton Lawrence, shares the inside story of how Cook Children's came to be the medical institution it is today.

She's active, eats healthy ... and she has high cholesterol?

When your child looks and acts healthy, it's hard to understand how they could have a condition that, without proper treatment, could cause them to have a heart attack or stroke before the age of 50. Maria Gutierrez found herself in this situation when she received a life-changing phone call from Don Wilson, M.D., an endocrinologist and medical director of the REACH Clinic at Cook Children's to discuss her daughter Kate.

Genetic Oncology Team

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#Cook100Years Community Celebration

This year, we asked the community to join us in celebrating our 100th Birthday. As 2018 comes to a close, we look back at some of the wonderful moments you've shared with us.

Genetic Oncology Clinic at Cook Children's

The future of medicine is unfolding at the Genetic Oncology Clinic at Cook Children's.

New Genetic-Oncology Clinic at Cook Children's Identifies Genetic Risks of Cancer

Most of us known someone who has had cancer. That's because we are all at risk for developing the disease. Usually it's by chance. But in some cases, cancer develops because of our genetics and that means some of us are predisposed to developing different types of cancer.

Genetic Oncology Team

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What's new at Cook Children's?

Saying namaste to pain with a new yoga program. A chance at predicting the future with our new Genetic-Oncology Clinic. Expanding our access to care at Walsh Ranch.

Genetic Oncology Team

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We Promise Wednesday: Gavin's Story

Meet Gavin, the triplet with grit who has faced many challenges and continues to rise above.

2018 Holiday Extravaganza

Our employees, patients and their families enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show and Christmas tree lighting at our annual Holiday Extravaganza. Santa Claus himself also made an appearance to visit with the children!

Be a Part of Our Promise

Shortly after the passing of his 11-month-old granddaughter, a grandfather finds himself overwhelmed with a very unexpected emotion … gratitude. "You have all been so wonderful to us; all of you have cared so much," he shared. "We never expected a hospital to offer such a gift. How will we ever repay you?"

Be a Part of Our Promise

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Young Philanthropist - Mattingly Garcia

Mattingly "Matty" Garcia's medical journey began at Cook Children's when she was 1 ½ years old and diagnosed with severe asthma. Doctors soon learned it was more than just asthma that was causing Matty's breathing problems. At the age of 3, Matty became the youngest person in the world to be diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a diagnosis typically only seen in adults.

Young Philanthropist

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Generosity Heals

Imagine a world in which your child can't hear the sweet words you whisper or the soft lullabies you sing as they drift to sleep. It's a devastating feeling for any parent. Thanks to funding from the Oberkotter Foundation, parents of children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing now have hope through the Go Away Delay program.

Generosity Heals

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Competing for a Cause

Anna Brashear left this earth entirely too early after losing a battle with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). To carry on her legacy and help other families impacted by AML, Anna's parents, Bobby and Joanna, established the Anna Brashear Foundation and created a signature event focused on Anna's favorite hobby.

Competing for a Cause

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Reflecting for Our Future

At Cook Children's, the phrase "hindsight is 20/20," takes on a special meaning. When we look to our past, what we see are deliberate, bold steps that have led to a profound impact on millions of children over the last century.

Reflecting for Our Future

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Then and Now

A lot has changed in health care over the past 100 years, including trips to the doctor's office. The biggest factor being convenience for our patient families, as everyone's lives seem to be much busier and hectic these days.

Then and Now

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Harper's Heart at Cook Children's

See how Cook Children's cardiologists saved the life of baby Harper, diagnosed in utero and born with a life-threatening diagnosis called hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Merry Cowboys Christmas

It was a very Merry Cowboys Christmas at Cook Children's! Thank you to the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for spreading joy and cheer with the patients and families staying in our hospital this holiday season.

Cowboys visit Cook Children's

Ambassador of Joy, Promoter of Hope: Patient to Employee

While staying at Cook Children's for a long-awaited bone marrow transplant, Hallie has made the most of her time. Not only is she a super fun patient, she's now become a part of our team.

In Your Words: Angie and Cook Children's Comprehensive Epilepsy Team

Angie moved her family to Fort Worth so daughter Helen could be treated by Cook Children's comprehensive epilepsy team.

Teen leaves mark on nurses who cared for her through cancer journey

Both Aly and Johanna, nurses at Cook Children's, say it's often uncomfortable when people ask what they do for a living. Most people think being a nurse in a pediatric cancer unit is 'depressing' but neither see their careers that way.

"Honestly, our kids bring so much joy into our lives. It's an honor to be able to be there for these families during such an intimate time," said Aly. "Being a nurse is more than just medicine. It's also about loving the kids and helping their families along the way."

Johanna agrees, saying "I know people are afraid of what we do because they think it's sad, but it's not sad. You develop relationships with the patients and their families. Every single one of those kids leaves a mark on you."

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Danakah and Ralph hugging

In Your Words: Helen, Epilepsy Patient at Cook Children's

In honor of National Epilepsy Awareness Month, we honor Helen. She's a lover of all things dance AND our medical staff.

Halloween Hoopla

Every year, different departments from across our medical center compete in “Halloween Hoopla.” Individual employees model their creative costumes, while some groups perform skits to entertain patients and their families. This year our staff truly put on the greatest show!

In Your Words: Mark Linenberger, Linbeck Group staff at Cook Children's

Mark helps build us from the ground up, literally. As the Cook Children's lead at Linbeck Construction Group he has a unique perspective on our commitment to excellence.

We Promise Wednesday: Kendall's Story

Meet Kendall, the Olympic hopeful who turned disappointment into an opportunity to help others.

Landyn's Story: A child's dramatic battle against blood clots

After a very scary incident, Landyn and his parents learned that he has Protein S deficiency. People with this condition have a greater risk of developing abnormal blood clots than most of us.

Although Landyn can no longer play football or compete again in full contact sports due to the use of blood thinners, the teenager is enjoying a full active life, going to school, playing in his band and participate in sports that do not involve full contact.

"We can't thank Cook Children's enough," says Landyn's father Kirk. "They saved Landyn's life."

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Landyn's Story: A child's dramatic battle against blood clots

In Your Words: Troy Dominguez

Troy is the perfect example of how staff development is a core value at Cook Children's.

Melody's Cure, Hyperinsulinism at Cook Children's

Melody's life hung in the balance until she met Dr. Thornton, the renowned hyperinsulinism specialist at Cook Children's in Ft. Worth, TX.

Congenital Hyperinsulinism Research: 18F-DOPA and CSI Glucagon

Melody was cured due to Dr. Thornton's groundbreaking research trials targeting hyperinsulinism. "I know that a way was paved for us to arrive at Cook Children's, where experts have spent decades preparing for the day they would save Melody and others."

Hutson's Hats

Hutson is diagnosed with B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and although his life is centered around treatments, his parents still make time for him to still be a kid.

Throughout his battle with cancer, Hutson has found a love for his hat collection, and his parents love that he has a piece of his life he can choose and control.

"Hutson has a lot of hats," Bo said. "He loves picking his own hats out, which we know will serve us well at various stages of treatment."

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Hutson's Hats

We Promise Wednesday: Sandra's Story

Meet Sandra, the inspiring patient and living example of how oncology treatments at Cook Children's continue to erase kid cancer.

Caregiving in Action

As Cook Children's celebrates 100 years of caring for the children in our community, our Child Life department is also celebrating a milestone, 40 years of making visits to Cook Children's easier and more comfortable for our patients and their families. For our Child Life specialists, every day is different, and every area presents different patient circumstances and needs. Here is a just a glimpse into the incredible work being done by our Child Life specialists every day.

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Caregiving in Action

Advancing our Promise

In the early 1900s, Ida Turner, one of Cook Children's initial founders, dedicated her life to caring for children with no access to medical care. When she established the Fort Worth Free Baby Hospital in 1918, she started a movement in our local community. Her willingness to care for the sick, no matter their condition, would be the foundation of medical advancements for the next 100 years in Fort Worth and beyond.

The advancements we've made over the years can be attributed back to Fort Worth Children's Hospital and Cook Children's Hospital merging in 1985, followed by the creation of a new medical center in 1989.

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Advancing our Promise

A Home Away From Home

RE/MAX real estate agents know a thing or two about finding the perfect home. After all, that's what they spend their time doing, day in and day out for their clients. For RE/MAX Trinity agent Nicole Smith, she never imagined she would consider Cook Children's Medical Center a home. But, after receiving her son Liam's diagnosis, the medical center became a home away from home for their family.

Doctors diagnosed Nicole's son Liam with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF) in 2014 when he was 7 months old. NF is a devastating genetic disorder that affects one in every 3,000 individuals. It causes tumors to grow through the nervous system, brain and spinal cord. It also causes learning disabilities and bone abnormalities.

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A Home Away From Home

Mrs. Clarabele "Pit" Dodson - A Legacy of Generosity

The Dodson Specialty Clinics building sits on the northwest side of the Cook Children's Medical Center campus and bears the name of one of Cook Children's most generous benefactors, Mrs. Clarabele "Pit" Dodson and her late husband, T.L. Dodson Jr. Hundreds of patients and families walk through the building every day, and each one benefit from the incredible legacy that Mrs. Dodson has been building for more than three decades.

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Mrs. Clarabele Dodson - A Legacy of Generosity

World-class care ... close to home

Having her baby rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) right after delivery isn't exactly how Holly Dittmar envisioned her daughter's birth. But unfortunately, that's exactly what happened when baby Melody entered the world on August 9, 2016, with extremely low blood pressure and blood sugar.

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World-class care ... close to home

The Jane and John Justin Foundation and The Morris Foundation

As Cook Children's continues to celebrate our centennial year, we reflect on those who have provided philanthropic support to get us where we are today, including The Jane and John Justin Foundation and The Morris Foundation. Both have allowed our medical center and neighborhood clinics to flourish. Their dedication to children in our area is no secret, and we are honored to work together to fulfill Cook Children's Promise to provide the best care in our region.

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The Jane and John Justin Foundation and The Morris Foundation

High Hopes for Hyperinsulinism

Nothing compares to the birth of a child. It's one of the sweetest moments a parent can experience. However, when the birth is not exactly picture-perfect, it can be rather traumatic, both for the parent and child. Holly Dittmar knows this all too well.

Melody Dittmar was born August 9, 2016 in Houston, weighing 7 lb., 13 oz. On the evening of her birth, doctors discovered she had an abnormally low blood sugar levels. Before coming to Cook Children's, her doctors struggled for two weeks to figure out what exactly was wrong.

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High Hopes for Hyperinsulinism

Generosity Heals - Pain Management at Cook Children's

Nationally 30 percent of children suffer from chronic pain and more than $30 billion a year is spent toward resolving pediatric pain. In 2017, Cook Children's saw more than 1,000 individual pain management cases. With a passion for maintaining a child's quality of life, Artee Gandhi, M.D., medical director, Pain Management, and her team strive to set a good foundation for those children who experience chronic pain. Through generous donations and support from Cook Children's Health Care System, our Pain Management department has been able to help these patients dealing with acute or chronic pain.

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Pain Management at Cook Children's

Young Philanthropist - Jr Diaz

When a family member has a child diagnosed with cancer, their entire world changes. They find themselves part of a new community; one they never wanted to be a part of, but are glad it exists. For Jr Diaz, this new community would become an extension of his family. Their encouragement and support inspired him throughout his journey, and now he's doing something special to give back to those who need it.

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Young Philanthropist - Jr Diaz

Hurricane Harvey – One Year Later

One year ago, Hurricane Harvey was barreling toward the Texas Gulf Coast. As the Category 4 storm grew more threatening, our Teddy Bear Transport team was tasked with a critical mission – rescuing 10 fragile babies out of Harvey's path.

In Your Words: Jon Bonnell

He's the Ft. Worth native who loves to give back; especially to the organization that saved his life, Cook Children's.

Two Bricks: Bobby Moore's history with Cook Children's

Other than the commemorative labels on them, nothing about these two bricks stands out too much. That is until you sit down and spend time with Bobby Moore. Then you will learn that Moore, who is 68 years old, plans to pass on one of those bricks to his daughter and the other one "will be in the casket with me."

So why would two old, dusty bricks mean so much to a man? Because they once held up the building then known as Fort Worth Children's Hospital and it was there where corrective surgery saved him from a life in a wheelchair.

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Two Bricks: Bobby Moore's history with Cook Children's

We Promise Wednesday: Corbin's Story

Meet Corbin, the young adult who, against considerable odds, is the oldest living person with Oto Palato Digital Syndrome.

Ana and Olaf love warm hugs

Derick loved wearing his Olaf costume for Halloween so much, he never wanted to take it off. See how his passion for Frozen led to a new purpose in his life. #Cook100Years

In Your Words: Angela Falley
Cook Children's

Angela is a rare adult patient at Cook Children's for two reasons. The first one is obvious, she's an adult. Secondly, she's one of the first to live a full life with cystic fibrosis. This is her remarkable story.

Cook Children's Cystic Fibrosis Program

Harper's Story: A 1 in a Million Diagnosis

Harper was born with a rare genetic disorder called familial chylomicronemia syndrome (FCS) that causes a build-up of dietary fats, often resulting in pancreatitis, acute inflammation of the pancreas and severe abdominal pain.

Patients with FCS are usually diagnosed due to debilitating symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, numbness or tingling, impaired cognition or blood with the consistency of milk, but at nine months old Harper was diagnosed due to her pink blood.

"Harper had high triglycerides and had little fat bubbles under her skin that looked like little pimples almost," her father Chris said. "One time we took her to get blood tests and her blood came out pink because it was so full of fat."

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Harper's Story

We Promise Wednesday: Estrella's Story

Meet Estrella, a young girl whose revolutionary surgery gives her a new grasp on life.

In Your Words: Dr. Jim Cunningham

Cook Children's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jim Cunningham, describes how proud he is of our staff's expertise and close-knit culture.

The Legacy: Cook Children's Heart Center Program

For 100 years Cook Children's has built its reputation on taking care of kids who needed help the most. Perhaps no other department is an example of that reliability and stability as the Heart Center Program. The physicians within the program are a legacy within themselves with more than 400 years of total experience, made up of more than 30 cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiac intensivists and cardiac anesthesiologists.

And sitting atop that reign of longevity are the original four cardiologists who have all been at the medical center for more than 20 years of experience.

Read Our Heart Center's story

Heart Center Team

We Promise Wednesday: Whitaker's Story

Meet Whitaker, a boy whose near tragedy is helping spread the word on drowning prevention.

Generosity Heals

Not much can compare to the excitement of expecting your first baby. That is, unless you hear not one, but two fluttering heartbeats during the first sonogram. In 2015, John and Shelby Snelson learned that they would be first-time parents to identical twin girls. It was a dream come true.

However, on Labor Day, the Snelsons experienced heartbreak like never before. At 26 weeks, Shelby went into unexpected labor and the girls were born three and a half months early. Tragically, one of the girls did not survive birth and the other, Isla Jane, began the fight of her life.

Read Isla Jane's story

Be a Part of Our Promise

Young Philanthropists YAC-PAC

Young Philanthropists: YAC-PAC

Two girls. Two life-changing holidays. Two different diagnoses. One similarity … Cook Children's Youth Advisory Council-Patients Advising for Change (YAC-PAC) is helping them cope with their diagnoses, advocate for themselves and support other patients going through similar experiences.

Read the YAC-PAC story

Be a Part of Our Promise

Caring for the children of our community, regardless of family resources or a family's ability to pay, has been the foundation of Cook Children's ever since the very first baby inspired the creation of Fort Worth Free Baby Hospital in 1918. That single act of kindness defined Fort Worth Free Baby Hospital, W.I. Cook Memorial Hospital and now Cook Children's Health Care System.

The desire to do the right thing is what led to the eventual creation of Cook Children's Promise to improve health of every child in our region through the prevention and treatment of illness, disease and injury. Due to the passion to fulfill this Promise, there is a dedicated area within Cook Children's Health Care System that is specifically focused on prevention of illness, disease and injuries.

How we keep our Promise

Be a Part of Our Promise

Jewel Charity

The Crown Jewel of the Fort Worth Community

In 1953, Bille Bransford Clark was president of the Woman's Board of Fort Worth Children's Hospital. Bille recognized the growing need for medical care for children whose families couldn't afford to pay. After considering how to best support the not-for-profit hospital, Bille knew she needed to seek guidance from someone prominent in the community, someone who, like her, believed in the hospital's mission to care for the sick.

Read the Jewel Charity story

A Generation of Tiny Miracles

Diann Dunn never imagined her daughter would spend time in Cook Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), let alone her granddaughter, as well. But, that's exactly what happened. From her daughter's stay in 1984 to her granddaughter's in 2018, our NICU has changed significantly, yet our compassion and dedication to providing the best care for our patient families still remains.

Diann and husband, Jeffrey, moved to Fort Worth in 1980 with no real plans of making it their home. Jeffrey was pursuing his master's degree and interning at night with Bass Security in downtown Fort Worth. But, Fort Worth's charm worked its magic on the Dunns and it's been their home now for almost 40 years.

Diann had already given birth to two girls with no complications or issues and her fourth pregnancy seemed to be heading in the same direction. However, around 33 weeks, she started to feel like something wasn't right.

Read Diann's story

A Generation of Tiny Miracles

Caregiving in Action Susie Schulwitz

Caregiving in Action: Working Magic

The day after high school graduation, 17-year-old Susie Schulwitz moved from Rochester, New York, to Fort Worth, Texas, with her parents. Determined to settle down in her new city, Susie enrolled in a nursing program offered at a local hospital and became a licensed vocational nurse and was offered a position at Fort Worth Children's Hospital. Susie had a passion for pediatrics from the beginning, so she happily accepted. Fifty years later, the entity now known as Cook Children's is still her home.

Read Susie's story

What Does it Mean to Be a Not-For-Profit Health Care System?

Cook Children's Health Care System is a not-for-profit organization. But what exactly does that mean?

Philanthropy permeates the history of Cook Children's, beginning with Ida Turner and Matilda Cook. In fact, it was Matilda's visionary gift that established the W. I. Cook Foundation, known today as Cook Children's Health Foundation.

What many people may not know is that Cook Children's Health Foundation is the governing body of our entire not-for-profit health care system.

What is not-for-profit?


Growing for the Children

Growing for the Children of the Community

While 1985 marked the official merger of Cook Children's Hospital and Fort Worth Children's Hospital, the growth for “Cook-Fort Worth Children's Medical Center” or what would become Cook Children's was far from over.

Read our growing story

A NICU Tour Begins a Journey to Health

Instead of registering for baby furniture or decorating a nursery, Michelle and Brad Hudson prepared for the birth of their daughter by touring the NICU at Cook Children's. Their baby girl, Samantha, was diagnosed with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) and was given a 25 percent chance to live. Once she was born, her survival rate dropped even lower.

Read Samantha's story

Samantha's Journey

In Your Words: Tessa Akins

A heart patient mom herself, Tessa knows first-hand the importance of family-centered care as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Cook Children's.

The Last Thing on Autumn's Mind was Stroke

Even with everything they had gone through at this point, nothing had prepared Autumn and Darrell for what occurred on May 2017 in their little town of Coyle, Okla. Their daughter Kynlee was diagnosed with a stroke. She was transferred to a larger hospital in Oklahoma, and after a lengthy hospitalization, the family returned home with limited information about Kynlee's condition.

Autumn and Darrell were at a loss by the end of the year and struggling to find some hope for their daughter's condition. They found it in an old friend. Dr. Palmer had moved to Cook Children's and was still seeing Kynlee for her urological condition. He suggested Kynlee be seen by Cook Children's Comprehensive Stroke and Thrombosis Program.

Read Kynlee's story

Kynlee's Stroke

We Promise Wednesday: Roy's Story

Meet Roy, Cook Children's amazing patient who beat the odds and the clock with his dramatic recovery.

In Your Words: Candace Alphin
NICU Outreach Coordinator

The incredible connection between a NICU nurse and a family who gave her the ultimate gift.

Adopting Jett

When Katie and Chas Shira walked into Cook Children's Medical Center on a warm December night in 2015, they had nothing but a name, a code and an empty car seat. They had driven three hours from their home in the tiny town of O'Brien, Texas with the understanding that their lives were about to change.

Inside the hospital, nurses and security guards were on high alert. The 2-month-old boy the Shiras were on their way to pick up was under a security watch. He had a broken femur and doctors were certain his injury was no accident. The longest and strongest bone in his body had been snapped in half. On top of that, he was suffering withdrawals from methamphetamine. Child Protective Services (CPS) acted quickly by taking the baby into their custody and beginning the search for a foster family.

Read Jett's story

Two Pioneering Doctors

We Promise Wednesday: Autumn's Story

Meet Autumn, and see why her fight to become seizure free is one of the many reasons we continue to battle for cures for every child in our care, our region, and around the globe.

In Your Words: Jon Bonnell

Cook Children's saved his life. French fries saved his appetite. Today, John Bonnell is a celebrated chef with one amazing story of gastronomic proportions.

Cook Children's is 100!!!

As we celebrate our birthday, we also celebrate you. Thank you for being a part of our amazing history, and as we stand at the beginning of a whole new era, together, we will set the course for the next 100.

How Two Pioneering Doctors Saved Jon Bonnell's Life

Jon Bonnell, an internationally known chef, was a patient at Fort Worth Children's Hospital in 1972 for more than two months. He credits two pioneering doctors, surgeon Dick Ellis, M.D., and pediatrician Bill Scroggie, M.D., for saving his life.

"I'll never forget it," Dr. Scroggie said. "It was about 2 in the morning. Dick said, 'Bill, I think Jon might die.' I came out of that bed so fast and raced to the hospital. Jon's dad, Bill, was a good friend of mine and I was being told his son was going to die."

Read Jon Bonnell's story

Two Pioneering Doctors

It's a Super Star Celebration!

We're super honored by all the great personalities who took the time to join us from around the corner, across Texas and the country, and even around the globe for this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Thanks to each of you for being the 1 in our 100th

We Promise Wednesday: Mrs. Cook's Story

Matilda Cook gave our hospital more than a name–she gave a gift that helps more kids have more tomorrows, and our community more reasons to celebrate.

The True Celebration

Cook Children's is turning 100 years old, but what we're really celebrating are the birthdays of each and every patient that has made up our history, and are the beacons of our future.

Young Philanthropist

For children, birthdays are cause for celebration! Most plan parties and can hardly wait to tear into their presents, but not Julia Hart. In 1992, a trip to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London changed her outlook on how to celebrate her future birthdays. It also helped change how Cook Children's would encourage philanthropy among the youngest in our community.

Read Young Philanthropist

Young Philanthropist

Generosity Heals

Generosity Heals

Summer camp is a highlight of childhood, but for many children with medical conditions, it's not always possible. From something as significant as finding a lifelong friend with the same diagnosis to participating in a pastime as simple as a campfire sing-along, our employees have helped create a healing experience for our campers through their generosity and the Cook Children's Camps for Kids program.

Read Generosity Heals

Mending Broken Hearts (part 2)

There's a special bond that lives in the hearts of mothers and daughters. But in the case of Melanie and her daughter Rossleigh, the two share a unique connection that threads across a generation and begins right here at Cook Children's.

We hope you enjoy the continued story of Melanie and Rossleigh Dewey, both born with congenital heart defects.

Read Mending Broken Hearts (part 2)

Mending Broken Hearts

The Power of Women in Numbers

The Power of Women in Numbers

For the past 100 years, the Woman's Board of Cook Children's has helped to make us the one place in Fort Worth for families to take their sick and injured children. Without their tireless work, Cook Children's would not be here today. And because of their continued commitment, we know we'll be here for the next 100 years.

Read The Power of Women in Numbers

Caregiving in Action: An Interview with Nancy Cychol

When Nancy Cychol came to Cook Children's as a nurse in 1984, she only intended to stay for three years. Now, more than three decades later, she's serving as the chief of hospital services. But what really makes her special is her passion for creating a fun environment for children to heal. Her enthusiasm for patients, families and staff all across Cook Children's Health Care System is the one contagious outbreak we're glad to have.

Read Caregiving in Action

Caregiving in Action

Two Women, One Promise to Our Community

Two Women, One Promise to Our Community

Cook Children's traces its earliest roots back to two women. Though they came from very different backgrounds and decades apart they shared one promise: to provide care for sick and injured children in the communities we serve. Their vision has thrived for 100 years. And our goal is to ensure their legacy continues for the next 100.

Read Two Women, One Promise to Our Community

In Your Words: Michael Anne Pritchard

The care this mom's newborn son received at Cook Children's built a connection so strong, that she joined the Cook Children's family where she serves as a senior attorney.

Mending Broken Hearts (part 1)

Health care and technology are two things that are constantly changing. One thing that doesn't change is our commitment to the children we care for from one generation to the next. As we look back over Cook Children's 100-year history, we can see the amazing medical advancements that are happening here daily. It's evident in every patient story. It's also why so many children who relied on us in the past, now trust their children to us.

We hope you enjoy the story of Melanie and Rossleigh Dewey, a mother and daughter both born with congenital heart defects.

Read Mending Broken Hearts

Mending Broken Hearts

We Promise Wednesday: Lucas's Story

Meet Lucas and see what inspires us to do what we do, every day.

In Your Words: Ashleigh Hines

For a mother and daughter, working at Cook Children's is a family tradition.

We Promise Wednesday: Braelynn's Story

Meet Braelynn, and learn how this micro-preemie in our NICU won the hearts of our Cook Children's family in a big way.

The Power of One

Watch the rags and riches stories that combined, built the now 100 year old Cook Children's pediatric healthcare system in Fort Worth, Tx.


One Hundred Years.
One Family.

On a cold November day in the early 1900s, Fort Worth's former postmistress Ida Turner spotted a man in downtown Fort Worth carrying an abandoned baby in his arms, blue from cold ...

Read story

The Amazing Adventure of Mirko Alvarez

What would you do to save your child? Would you travel across the world? Would you leave your family behind? Sell everything you own? Give the shirt off your back?

Diego and Tatiana Alvarez did all those things to help their son Mirko in his battle against epilepsy. Follow this wild adventure that began a year ago in Bolivia and brought them to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Read Mirko's Amazing Adventure


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