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Hard Target Self Defense Program

Teen learning self-defense

Individuals with developmental disabilities are three to five times more likely than the average person to become victims of bullying, assault and sexual assault. These alarming statistics sparked an idea among the staff at the Jane Justin School and Child Study Center Upper School at Cook Children's. What if their staff could teach their students how to appropriately defend themselves? It could be especially helpful during those transitional years when students are preparing to live on their own.

By working with Cook Children's Security Services, the staff developed Hard Target, a self-defense program for students ages 13 to 21. This new program demonstrates their unwavering commitment to preparing the students for the future, both academically and in real life.


If you have questions about Child Study Center at Cook Children’s or the Jane Justin School, please call 682-303-9287.

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New Self-Defense Class Empowers Teens with Intellectual Disabilities to be a 'Hard Target'

In a shelled out floor of the South Tower at Cook Children's Medical Center, the thud of kicks and punches echo off drywall and concrete. Loud and confident, the words "No! No! No!"" ricochet through the room.

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