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Take Time for Healthy Family Fun

Family block letters - game pieces

Looking for some fun things you can do together as a family? Cook Children's Wellness Center team has gathered some kid- and parent-friendly games, ideas and recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Fun, games and exercise

Sometimes you need a little noise, other times a little quiet relaxation, or maybe you need to burn off some energy. Here, you'll find some ideas to help you and your family spend some time together in ways that fit your schedule and routine. You can also add your own ideas, or challenge your kids to come up with their own. It's all about taking time to spend with family.

family bingo card

Family activities

Looking for inventive ways to relax, have fun, engage with the kids, get some exercise and relieve stress? Have we got a few ideas for you. Below, you'll find creative ideas you can do indoors and outdoors. Many don't require any items or equipment to accomplish and those that do typically use items that you can find around the house - or add to your grocery list. Have fun!

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family movie night

Family bingo

This is no ordinary bingo game! Every square is filled with a creative way for your family to spend time together. Pick something to do each day, once a week, or whatever works with your family's schedule. The choice is yours. Once the card is full, start over or get together as a family and invent your own. When you spend quality time together, everyone is a winner!

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family movie night plan

Plan a night at the movies

Miss the thrill of going to the movie theater - but not the crowds? Why not make your own movie night, one that's super special? Creating a night at the movies can be a week-long plan building up to the big event - that way everyone gets to show off their special talents and be a star for their part in getting the show going. Here are some ideas to get everyone in the family to participate. So get started, it's showtime!

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scavenger hunt card

Scavenger hunt

What you can do together as a family indoors, outdoors, in your own yard or on a family walk? Go on a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt is an exciting adventure of discovery and the perfect answer to creating fun for kids of all ages, including moms and dads. Challenge each other, team up, and create your own unique list. You can even designate prizes, like who gets to pick what the family will watch on movie night. So download the scavenger hunt adventure card, and happy hunting!

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family workout plan

Family workout

You might not be able to get to the gym, but what if we told you about a great exercise program that's free and available any time you want? Well, here it is. This workout plan is designed so that anyone in the family can do it, and no special equipment is required (yes, even jumping rope can be done without an actual jump rope - all it takes is a little imagination). The best part is, these exercises can be done indoors or outdoors on your own schedule. This could shape up to be a real family favorite!

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Cooking up fun in the kitchen

These recipes are designed to be quick, easy, and delicious. Create a family cooking-in-the-kitchen night, or set a special time for your teens to take over the kitchen. Add your own recipe ideas, and feel free to experiment by adding your own unique touches (like veggies in the baked macaroni). They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we think you really love these recipes.

Baked macaroni recipe

Baked macaroni With red sauce

What could be better than macaroni? Yummy baked macaroni with and extra tasty red sauce, all topped with parmesean cheese, if you please. This is a great recipe for teens to be in charge of a dinner night, or for parents and younger ones to create together.

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cinnamon french toast recipe

Cinnamon French toast

Start your family's day with a smile and a delicious breakfast of cinnamon French toast. This recipe tastes good, and it's good for you. Perfect for teens to make, and simple for parents and younger kids to enjoy whipping up in the kitchen. Bon appetite!

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fruit salsa recipe

Fruit salsa and sweet chips

Sweet, tasty and yes, healthy, this delicious recipe is perfect any time of day. Serve it with breakfast, as an afternoon snack, even as dessert. Super easy to make for teens and preteens, and plenty of simple tasks for parents to share with the little ones. What a great way to get in some fresh fruit.

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healthy food swaps

Healthy food swaps

It can be a real effor to get kids to eat healthy. That's especially true during challenging times. Even moms and dads can find it easy to reach for the "comfort" foods. This quick chart can help give you and your kids some quick ideas for alternate choices that can also make cooking and snacking truly good-for-you fun. Here's to your health!

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healthy food swap recipe

Sloppy Joes

Looking for something fun and easy to whip up for lunch or dinner? This recipe doesn't need a lot of ingredients so its easy for teens and parents to make. Have a non-meat eater in the family? Swap out the ground beef for a ground meat substitute. Easy peasy - and delicious either way!

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