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Request a Second Opinion

Echocardiography scan for mother and child

It's never easy to learn your child may have a complex medical condition. Sometimes you may want to request a second opinion to ensure your child is getting the best treatment for their specific diagnosis.

A second opinion can confirm your child's diagnosis and help resolve any lingering doubts you may have regarding the diagnosis and treatment. In addition, it can offer information about new treatments and clinical trials that may be available.

Cook Children's team of pediatric specialists have experience working with families and doctors from across the globe to provide second opinions and we encourage you to call us today.

When should I ask for a second opinion?

The best time to get a second opinion is before your child starts treatment or when there is a change in the treatment plan.

Cook Children's pediatric specialties

Cook Children's pediatric specialists are ranked among the top doctors in the country. That means access to the latest medical treatments for kids with even the most serious, rare and complex medical conditions.

For second opinions involving international patients call 682-885-4685.