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    Ivy's story


    Ivy was born with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries and dextrocardia. This is an extremely rare congenital heart defect. The defect was diagnosed through a fetal ultrasound, or echocardiogram, when her mother, Elizabeth, was 35 weeks pregnant with Ivy.

    Ivy had her first open heart surgery at 14 days old. At 19 months, she had a 2nd open heart surgery to repair her heart. Because of the complexity of her heart condition, the exact procedure to repair her heart is extremely rare. Cook Children's cardiothoracic surgeons Drs. Tam and Nikaidoh performed a complex atrial switch operation, along with an aortic translocation. The aortic translocation is also called the Nikaidoh procedure, named after Dr. Nikaidoh. Together, Drs. Nikaidoh and Tam have the largest combined experience of aortic translocations in North America.