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Educational Events and Resources

Cook Children's Endocrinology team is committed to giving families and our community the resources needed to help manage endocrine conditions, including educational videos, events and the services we've linked to below:

Dietician Services
Providing recommendations to help your child achieve optimal nutritional health. We specialize in educating children with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, congenital hyperinsulinism, insulin resistance, lipid disorders, and a range of other endocrine related issues.

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Endocrinology Camps for Kids
Camps that are operated by camp staff as well as hospital staff, give kids the opportunity to get outside, participate in arts and crafts, receive medical education, and most importantly, build supportive, lasting relationships with others who share similar life experiences.

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What is diabetes?

Play the video below to learn about diabetes.

Insulin types and activity

Play the video below to review how different types of insulin work.

Drawing up and giving insulin

Play the video below to see some of the ways insulin is drawn up and given.

Blood sugar monitoring

Play the video below to learn why it is important to check blood sugars. See how a glucose meter works.

Low blood sugar

Play the video below to review the causes, symptoms and treatment of low blood sugar.

Diabetes and exercise

Play the video below to learn how exercise can affect blood sugar.

Carbohydrate counting

Play the video below to learn how to manage blood sugards by counting carbohydrates.

Information for kids

Information for teens

Information for parents

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