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Bank of America Investing in Our Future

Bank of America

At Bank of America, it's not just about investing money. It's about investing time and resources into the children of our communities. Through the company's partnership with Cook Children's community outreach programs, their employees are helping to address immediate needs, as well as identify long-term solutions that will improve the health of children in our region.

The Center for Children's Health led by Cook Children's is home to the community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey (CCHAPS), The Center for Prevention of Child Maltreatment and community outreach and research efforts.

In 2008, Cook Children's launched CCHAPS to identify the top children's health needs in its service area. Cook Children's worked with the community to survey parents, caregivers, opinion leaders and health care professionals on the health status of children in our community. The survey showed that the main issues children face in our area are asthma, obesity, mental health, dental health, abuse, safety and access to care.

Once Cook Children's identified these areas, staff and physicians knew we would need support from the community. Without the help of partners in our community, our system would not be able to provide many of the initiatives implemented through The Center for Children's Health.

One partner who stepped up to help was Bank of America, whose partnership and support has been helping Cook Children's patients for the past 32 years. Because of the company's generosity, Cook Children's has improved the safety and health of underserved children in our six-county region through education, disease and injury prevention and advocacy.

Mike Pavell, president of Bank of America in Fort Worth, and his team are honored to support The Center for Children's Health community outreach efforts.

"Cook Children's has done great work to combat some of the biggest challenges our children face today, including child abuse education and prevention," said Mike. "Bank of America is honored to partner with a range of organizations, like Cook Children's, that are providing innovative and meaningful solutions to the pressing challenges where we live and work. We applaud their work in helping children grow up to their full and best potential."

With partners like Bank of America, Cook Children's can continue helping North Texas become one of the healthiest places to raise a child.

Thanks to Bank of America and additional partners' generosity, Cook Children's community outreach programs have accomplished the following in the fiscal year 2016:

  • Served 13,703 children, families and community partners through 559 community outreach events.
  • Evaluated 5,746 children for dental disease through Save a Smile.
  • Checked 1,210 car seats for correct installation and distributed 722 car seats through Cook Children's Safe Kids Tarrant County coalition.
  • The Wellness Alliance for Total Children's Health of Denton County, led by Cook Children's, had 131 community members attend coalition-hosted wellness workshops and distributed 14,059 education resources for mental health.
  • Collaborated with more than 262 organizations and engaged 1,185 general volunteers.