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MRI Goggles: A Relaxing View

Patient using MRI goggles

Your generosity helps doctors get clear MRI images while keeping young patients entertained and distracted during the process.

Going to the hospital for a treatment or a procedure can be an overwhelming experience for an adult, not to mention for a child. At Cook Children's, we pay special attention to the comfort of the patients, doing what we can to ease any anxieties they may be experiencing.

Having an MRI, for example, can be particularly challenging for some of our patients. The procedure itself is painless, but it is administered in a small space that can evoke feelings of claustrophobia and confinement. Patients are asked to lie still for long periods of time, listening to the loud banging noises of the machine all around them, apart from their family who waits outside the room. While sedation is an option for some patients, it is not ideal for everyone.

So, what can be used to distract those patients who need to remain awake and still for the scans?

New technology has come to the rescue in the form of an MRI-compatible audio/video integration system. These MRI Goggles allow patients to listen to their favorite music or watch a video during scans. The system also enables two-way communication between technicians and patients. This equipment can reduce anxiety and the need for sedation, which is better for the patient and reduces costs for families.

Thanks to the generosity of the Pritchard Family Foundation, there are many patients at Cook Children's who will benefit from this technology, which includes headphones, video goggles, transducer box, control unit and remote control. These goggles can help turn a scary experience into a fun one for many of our patients, and help to ease the minds of anxious parents.

If you are interested in helping to provide additional equipment for our patients, please contact the Cook Children's Health Foundation at 682-885-4105.

Your generosity does not go unnoticed by others. It is emulated by those who realize its value to the community. It is revered by those who care for our patients because it enables them to do what they do best. And it is appreciated by every patient and every family who benefits from it.

Thank you from each family, patient, nurse, physician and staff member whose life you will have touched with your generosity.