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Rehabilitation: Generosity In Motion

Patient using motobike

The equipment we use to treat Cook Children's patients is always evolving, due to the rapid changes in technology. It can be challenging, and expensive, to stay on the leading-edge. That's why we're grateful for groups like Seventh Avenue because they make life-changing tools accessible for those who need them most.

Seventh Avenue is a group of individuals and couples who serve as ambassadors in the community and actively participate in Cook Children's Promise to improve the health of every child in our region. Through Seventh Avenue, members can also teach their children about the importance of philanthropy, participating as families in service projects for our patients throughout the year.

Seventh Avenue's annual membership dues help fund programs and equipment that directly impact our patients, programs and equipment that might otherwise go unfunded. Through a grant application process, a steering committee allocates these funds to a variety of patient needs across our health care system.

Two years ago, Seventh Avenue members chose to fund a motorized movement therapy device, a MOTOmed® assistive bike, for children with neuromuscular conditions like spina bifida, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, or those who have experienced traumatic injuries. The bike helps reduce the patient's muscle spasms while building muscle strength.

Last year, as a continuation of this effort, members chose to fund an accessory for the bike, a RehabStim, which helps activate muscle contractions and stimulate nerve growth.

"Rehabilitation Services is so grateful to Seventh Avenue for funding the MOTOmed and RehabStim," said Jodi Burgett, clinical coordinator for physical therapy. "We use these devices frequently to serve a wide range of children in our practice. Our patients have made progress in strength, range of motion and neurologic function as a result of these devices."

This equipment is helping patients build muscle strength which is helping them learn to walk. These are kids who haven't ever walked before or may have thought they would never walk again.

Thanks to generous groups like Seventh Avenue, the patients at Cook Children's will continue to benefit from innovative equipment and therapies in order to achieve their fullest potential.

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Your generosity does not go unnoticed by others. It is emulated by those who realize its value to the community. It is revered by those who care for our patients because it enables them to do what they do best. And it is appreciated by every patient and every family who benefits from it.

Thank you from each family, patient, nurse, physician and staff member whose life you will have touched with your generosity.